Toenail problems are quite common. Many people suffer from yellow toenails. They are not really harmful but are indeed very embarrassing. While discolored toenails can be a result of both bacterial and fungal infections, yellow toenails are actually caused due to fungal colonization. There are numerous fungi that can release pigments and cause yellow cracked toenails. One such example is penicilium. Before your doctor will give you the right and accurate diagnosis of your yellow toenails, get to know more about it firsthand right here.

treatment for yellow toenails

Fungal infections are quite common and your doctor will have a better idea about them. Thus, going  to a doctor to seek appropriate and professional help is the best choice. There are chances that you might be having some other problem and not a fungal infection. This is the reason why self medication should be avoided. It can be dangerous. It is thus safe to go to the doctor and know for sure the cause of your yellow toenails.

Yellow toenails don’t necessarily have to be uniformly yellow in color. The presence of this color depends on where the fungus is growing. If it is growing on all toenails, all of them will be yellow. It may also grow only in one region of one toenail and the yellow color will be exhibited as a line on that toenail. If you leave the infection untreated, it’ll obviously spread and infect the whole nail along with the root of the nail.

yellow toenails infection treatment

Fungal infections can take a long time to be eradicated. Thus you must go for yellow toenails treatment immediately. Infections in their initial stages are cured more easily. If the condition is worse, then it can take a long time. This is why one has to act quickly during the early signs of symptoms. There is not just one yellow toenails treatment. There are numerous treatments and you should decide which treatment to choose for your yellow toenails.

When you visit the doctor, he’ll prescribe oral drug to be taken every day for a few months. This can be expensive and thus, many people don’t go for it. Also, there is the fear of side effects. Thus, you can go for natural remedies for yellow toenails. There are even topical lotions and creams but these should be avoided because they don’t kill the fungus. Home remedies penetrate through better and thus have long lasting effects. Many home remedies are already scientifically proven to be effective.

It is highly recommended to conduct a thorough research and seek some expert advice about yellow toenails before going for any treatment.