Writing grants can provide priceless benefits in many situations. Nearly anyone who writes for a living has at least one piece of work tucked away that they always plan to finish when time allows. Unfortunately, for many writers, this time never comes. This leaves countless screenplays, novels, poetry collections and potentially great works of literature unpublished.

The educational system also has its share of opportunities for writing grants. Whether you are trying to obtain an education or working on your dissertation for your Doctoral degree, finding the time to write while juggling daily obligations and financial requirements can be maddening. Sadly, many people never even bother to try because the obstacles seem insurmountable.

Writing Grants

How Can Writing Grants Help You?

What many people do not know is that there are companies around the world lining up to assist with these specific situations. Creative writing grants are awarded to up-and-coming writers, writing grants for education are available to help educators and those seeking a higher education and dissertation writing grants allow for students pursuing their Doctoral degree to focus on their dissertation and get things done more efficiently.

The key to finding writing grants lies in research and qualifications. By targeting a niche that fits you, you can greatly increase your chances of obtaining writing grants. Across all types of grants, there are common themes and requirements that you can use to your advantage. Consider searching for writing grants that are available to specific demographics that might apply to you. Examples of writing grants with specific requirements include the following grants from certain institutions.

creative writing grants

Example Writing Grants with Specific Requirements

  • Authors League Fund—this group assists professional writers in need of temporary assistance due to emergencies such as illness or accidents.

  • Brown University—the university sets aside $45,000 to help international overcome oppression or creative limitations as a result of their native country.

  • Voelker Foundation—this group awards one writer per year a $2500 grant for exceptional work in fishing literature.

writing grants for education

These examples go to show that nearly every aspect of yourself might qualify you for thousands of dollars in writing grants. However, other factors, such as location, might also help in the process of finding writing grants. This is particularly true of writing grants for education and dissertation writing grants. When looking for educational or dissertation writing grants, these tips might help you find potential grant offers.

Tips In Getting Writing Grants

  • Always check for grants funded by your state and local governments. While competition might be fierce for these common writing grants, they can often provide outstanding benefits.

dissertation writing grants

  • Check your college or university for writing grant opportunities. Universities are one of the largest sources of dissertation writing grants available. While the process varies from location to location, many times it is as simple as drafting a grant proposal and finding a mentor to sponsor you.

  • Check for grants awarded for specific demographics. For example, many community centers and public service groups offer grants for minorities, single parents, widows or widowers, and those with mental or physical impairments.

The key to finding the best writing grants is diligent research. Always remember that things you might consider normal or not even consider at all could be the very thing that brings in the funding you need.