If you are looking to make your family and friend’s holiday cards special then you may want to wow them by writing your own Christmas card verses. It may or may not come easy to you, but they will be thrilled that you took the time to create your own special Christmas season cards with Christmas greeting card messages from the heart.

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Homemade Cards Are More Special

First, you have to decide what kind of Christmas card verses that fit the personality and mood of your friends and family. There are several styles to choose from. Some are funny, others are cute and some are religious Christmas card verses. When you start designing holiday cards, you need to express yourself in everyday language that makes your recipients truly believe you wrote the card just for them.

You need to choose a message that is heartfelt and personal and that is appropriate to your recipient’s tastes. When it comes to Christmas card verses, it makes some people thing of Christian Christmas card verses, while someone else may picture a Santa Clause and his reindeer along with a funny verse or a simple one that merely says something like “Happy Holidays.”

Choosing Christmas Card Verses To Fit The Card Itself

You also have to take into consideration the picture or design of the Christmas card when you start writing Christmas card verses. For instance, if it has a picture of the Baby Jesus and Wise Men on the front, then you should probably write Christmas card verses religious related like, “Wishing you the Joy of the Season of Christ’s Birth.”

Making Christmas Card Verses Sentimental and Special Takes Thought

Another thing to consider when writing Christmas card verses is that some people like the ones that are sentimental and more special instead of the Christian Christmas card verses or the funny cards. You need to put some extra thought into writing these types of verses and even get some inspiration from reading existing cards to get some ideas. There is nothing wrong with paraphrasing verses from other cards, but you do need to change them up so you aren’t stealing their content.

Get some inspiration for writing your Christmas card verses by thinking about how Christmas makes you feel all warm inside or how you felt as a child counting off the days until Christmas morning when you could unwrap all your presents.

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Getting Rid of Writers’ Block

If you find yourself not being able to think up some Christmas card verses, then get a notebook and start brainstorming ideas. Write down any and everything you can think of that fits the holiday theme and spirit. Then, take a look at the list of words or phrases and see if any can be developed into a verse.

Writing Christmas card verses can be a fun and meaningful experience and you can come up with some beautiful sounding holiday verses that are sure to get a smile out of the recipients no matter who they are or what kind of verses they like from Christian Christmas card verses to funny ones.