A wool rug is a home luxury item that is still desired by most homeowners. These rugs have withstood the test of time because of their unique characteristics. There have been efforts to reproduce synthetic wool but science has never been close in copying its natural properties. This makes any item made of wool a much priced possession.

quality traditional wool rug

Helpful Buyer’s Guide for Wool Rugs

Before purchasing a wool rug, it is essential to consider its main function in a room. Pure wool, synthetic or a mixture have different effects when used in different ways. Here are some helpful tips when deciding to buy wool rugs.

  • Wool as a material itself is very flexible or resilient against heavy loads of weight. If you have observed synthetic fabrics, when a significant amount of weight is given on its surface, it will usually leave a permanent shape or indentations. Whereas with wool, it will just bounce back to its original shape. You will see this is you use a thick wool rug because once the weight is lifted it will have an obvious mark but it given it some time and it will naturally retain its fluffy shape.

ultra thick wool rug

  • Wool rugs are excellent choice as nursery rugs for your kids because of its anti-bacterial property. There will come a time when your kids will be bored with their cribs and attempt to crawl or walk soon. They will fall face first or roll on the rug which can be safe on a wool surface. Comfort is also an important aspect of a nursery room. Wool can significantly lower down the level of humidity in a room.

sophisticated nursery rugs

  • Wool as a material is an excellent insulator if the floor is too cold during severe weather conditions. It keeps your foot warm as you relax on your living room or bedroom. It also prevents scratches on the floor due to constant hammering of the floor.
  • A wool rug that has been kept in good condition for years will definitely add more value to your home. Needless to say that if a traditional wool rug is preserve to its perfect condition can be a good investment.
  • An effective wool rug for decorative purposes will give harmony to the rest of the room starting from the wall down to the floor. It has a natural effect of bringing some texture from the outdoors such as a pebble felted wool rug. Most homeowners today will choose a hardwood floor, and the best way to compliment that hardwood theme is using a pebble felted wool rug.

luxurious pebble felted wool rug

A wool rug will definitely add more elegance to the room mainly because of the fabric itself.  Every homeowner takes pride for having one either in their living room or the bedroom. It doesn’t take too much effort to add more attitude to a room once you have a wool rug on the floor.