The right flower arrangements can make or break your decor. They can also be a central part of any event or occasion. When it comes to weddings and other special occasions, flower arrangements delightfully draped about the premises enhance the occasion. They also sit as table centerpieces at the reception. They are an accepted and vital part of many traditional gatherings across the globe.

appropriate flower arranging beautification

Various styles and designs of flower arrangements

  • Silk flower arrangements – These are wonderful flower arrangements meant to stand the test of time. They are not real flowers but look and feel quite soft and real. They are typically used in restaurants and office buildings where watering them would be impractical and messy.
  • Wedding flower arrangements – From roses to daisies, reds and whites or yellows, you can’t mistake beautiful flower arrangements for weddings. They are set in vases, on tabletops in centerpiece arrangements and also hung in flower sconces along hallways and walls of churches and reception tables.
  • Wooden flowers – Birds of Paradise, mini tulips, coconut flowers, Calla Lilies, Poinsettias and sunflowers all top the list of popular wooden flowers. These are handcrafted flowers, carved from wood and then painted. No watering or nutrients needed, just perhaps some wood polish to protect the grain.
  • Friendly arrangements – Different types of flowers in varying cultures will send messages of friendliness. Many people give flower arrangements to friends as a symbol of their friendship and loyalty.
  • Loving – These are flower arrangements symbolizing true love. The love of a married couple, dating couple, or even very close friends can give the gift of red roses with baby’s breath (the small white flowers) and leather (the greenery).
  • Sympathetic – Feeling sorry for someone’s loss? If you know someone who has lost a family member or significant other, then sympathy flowers are the way to go. Blue hydrangea, white oriental lilies, and purple statice mark the meaning of deep sympathy.

Common uses and decorating tips

You will find that different flower arrangements convey various meanings and feelings. From event usage for families, corporate picnics and getaways, all the way to flower arrangements for school graduation and weddings there are many choices.

Three useful decorating tips:

  1. Make sure flower colors match across walls and table centerpieces.
  2. Less is more. A vase doesn’t need to be overflowing with numerous colors and quantities of flowers.
  3. Add accessories. If you’re going to place the flowers in a vase, add some ribbons or bows to the vase to take the details up a notch.

attractive red roses flower arrangement

Flowers in themselves are beautiful and meaningful. But with the right floral arrangement, the element of beauty and attractiveness is raised to a much higher level.