Womens underwear is available in a variety of styles and sizes from boy shorts, thongs, panties, underpants and granny panties. There are also different fabrics and colors that can match with different bras too.

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Popular Styles of Womens Underwear

Here, are some popular styles of underwear for women.

  • Bikini Underwear – This offers more rear coverage compared to a thong and has a shorter rise than briefs. There are low cut and high cut bikinis and string bikini as well. They are made of different fabrics, with cotton fabric mostly being used.
  • Womens Briefs – These are basic womens white cotton panties. High cut briefs are the most commonly worn underwear among women today.
  • Boyshorts – These are the preferred womens underwear for sports activities. They can be worn for sleeping among others. They offer more coverage on the rear and front than any other underwear. It minimizes the appearance of panty lines and tucks in quite comfortable below the belly button; therefore, giving your tummy a nice flat appearance.
  • Womens thong underwear – These is the perfect solution for today’s tight clothing. They are designed to hide away side seams. They do not leave panty lines. Once paired with the right bra, these thongs can make sexy lingerie. The fabrics used in seamless panties are modal, nylon and spandex. This type of underwear comes in many popular designs such as high cut thong and lace thong. Lace panties stretch just enough to fit every woman’s curves.

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With the different styles of underwear, variations of these have also been created. Womens thermal underwear provides warmth and comfort without being bulky. They keep the temperature regulated so you can go outside wearing it. You can wear thermal underwear and go out during cold seasons without feeling very cold.

Shopping Tips

When buying womens underwear, the following guide will be of great help.

  • Size – Choose underwear that fits you well. It should not be too tight or loose. Womens underwear sizes vary from small to XXXL. If you are of normal build, it is quite easy to get the right size because most of them are stretchable.
  • Style – Choose a style that will fit the appropriate occasion and clothes. For low cut jeans, thongs are preferred.
  • Material – Go for materials that are absorbent such as cotton. It helps to keep you dry and prevent odors.
  • Cost – Prices of womens underwear vary depending on various factors like the fabric used, design, style and brand. Go for underwear you can afford.

Choose quality underwear that would last longer and would bring you comfort. Be clean, comfortable and at ease with any of these womens underwear.