Wearing the right clothes while running is always important, but in cold weather, it is imperative that you choose the mens running shorts that best suit your physique and the temperature outside. Your running outfit is as important to your good health, as eating properly and getting plenty of rest.

flexible mens the north face winter running suit

Winter Running Shorts Shopping Tips

If you are on a tight budget, do not worry. Good mens running shorts need not be expensive. Have a look in online stores or visit your local sports vendor to see if there is a mens running shorts clearance. The price of the gear is less important than picking the outfit that best suits your needs. The best mens running shorts for cold weather are those that fit your body shape, isolate heat, and resist dampness.  Here are some helpful tips to consider when shopping for cold weather running gear:

  • Follow the 20-degree rule.

Even if it is cold outside, your body will still heat up when you go running. Because your body produces sweat and dehydrates like during regular exercise, you should avoid mens running shorts that keep your body too warm. A helpful rule of thumb is to always dress for weather 20 degrees above the actual outdoor temperature. This will accommodate for your body temperature increasing while you are running.

  • Buy winter running gear that suits your body shape.

If your outfit is too loose, you will lose body heat as you warm up, and risk cold air seeping in when you are running. If you are shopping at a mens running shorts sale, make sure to get a pair of mens running shorts that fit your body shape as closely as possible without being restrictive or uncomfortable.

  • Avoid cotton products.

While it may feel comfortable at first, cotton is an inflexible and highly water absorbent material. When you are running, even in cold weather, you will sweat. Mens running shorts, if made from cotton, will absorb the sweat like a sponge, making the material heavy and susceptible to freezing. The best mens running shorts are made from water resistant materials, such as polyester.

polyester-made mens winter running shorts

Additional Reminders For Winter Running

Before you go running, remember to schedule time for post-workout stretching and cooling down. When you stop running, your body temperature will drop rapidly as your body’s heat production decreases. Light aerobics and stretching exercises will help your body adapt gradually to the cold. If you do not take the time to lower your body temperature slowly, the sweat in your clothes could quickly become freezing cold. This stresses the importance of choosing mens running shorts made from water resistant materials.

These are a few useful tips for achieving higher running performance in cold temperatures by ensuring you are wearing the appropriate cold weather running gear. As you can see, the importance of picking the best mens running shorts when the weather turns cold cannot be overstated. Whether you are on the track or running along one of nature’s roads, you are sure to have an excellent experience when you wear the right mens running shorts.