Winter may be the coldest season of the year but it is no excuse for you to look like drab and an embarrassment to fashion. All women who have a sense of fashion should stock up their closets with these dresses come winter. Out goes the summer sun dresses and in comes the trendy winter dresses. Nothing should keep you from looking stylish in a dress, not even the blistering cold. The black long sleeve dress is especially perfect for an evening occasion or a date.

Many may think that these dresses for winter are just layers and layers of heavy fabric. You are wrong if you think so. These dresses come in so many different designs, colors and fabrics. The designs vary to suit each occasion, from office wear to cocktail dresses.

changing seasons dress in winter grey

Features of a Winter Dress

  • Winter dresses can be made from different fabrics. Wool, velvet, suede, satin, corduroy and taffeta are examples of these fabrics.
  • They will not only keep you warm but also add a taste of style to your dress.
  • The latest designs of partly formal winter dresses have been tailored in such a manner that they are held tightly at the waist with belts.
  • These dresses are loose and have a sweeping design that will embrace your curves and the hem reaches to your knees.

Fashion Tips when Wearing a Winter Dress

Winter dresses have evolved when it comes to colors. Dull colors like grey and black are now being replaced by bold colors such as red and yellow though some people still prefer the dull traditional colors. The necklines are also changing from crew to plunging. Knitted winter dresses are also quite trendy.

  • You can pair these dresses with stockings and wear it to work or to a semi-formal event.
  • Leather dresses for winter are also quite common for that chic-rebel look.
  • You can wear them to weddings too and not look less stylish than you’d have looked in the summer.
  • For the working woman, tweed suits will make you look elegant though in a vintage kind of way.
  • Many who wear these like to pair them with leather boots.
  • They are perfect for the working environment and comfortable too. Pair this with a fitting cat and you are good to go.

black cotton long sleeve lapel winter dress

There are many places where you can get winter dresses. They can be found in bulk when it’s almost winter or during winter. You can buy them online too. This gives you an opportunity to compare different prices. When buying a winter dress, you have to consider for what occasion you want it to be. For instance, you cannot go to a dinner gala in a sweater dress. You’ll have to look for something classier. Ask an expert about this if you are not so sure.

Always remember to store your dress well and follow special laundry instructions that are specifically meant for whatever type of fabric the dress is made from. Always go for something that fits right for you to feel confident and look good.