Are you a wine lover? Do you love having friends over for dinner and wine? Do you need a beautiful and functional space to keep your wine bottles? Do you indulge in the wonders of the grapes of California and Italy?

If you enjoy any of the above, then you may also be intrigued by the project we have below.

Are you a handy-person looking for a new craft or a do-it-yourself project? Do you absolutely love homemade pieces that also serve a practical use at home? Are you sitting with idle time on your hands?

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving by building your very own wine glass rack.

​Why ​Do It Yourself?

wines in a rack

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D-I-Y, also known as do it yourself, is a great way to connect back to your creative side as well as create something that will be cherished and enjoyed in your home for years to come. In this case, we are talking about homemade wine glass racks.

I mean, there is just something about a homemade project that feels better than buying brand-new items.

D-I-Y projects require your hard work, determination, and maybe a few tears. Do not fear, because for this specific job, we are giving the green light to have a glass of wine while you work!

I mean you are building a wine glass rack, are you not?

​A Selection of Wine Glass Racks to Build

When it comes to building a homemade wine glass rack, there are many different avenues you can take. There are many different options, building styles, and looks to these wine glass racks and each has their own skill level and unique features.

We will give you a healthy mix of the entire spectrum of D-I-Y wine glass racks so that you can pick the plan that seems the most fitting for your personal style and building level.

Do not forget to enjoy the process, go easy on yourself, and keep an open bottle of wine handy.

​1. Pallet Wine Glass Rack

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Who doesn’t love a good recycled pallet project? Pallets make for simple, amazing, and inexpensive canvasses to use for many various projects. There is a limitless number of projects that recycled pallets can be used for.

Today, we will learn how to build a homemade wine glass rack from a recycled pallet.


​A pallet, 3-inch screws, 2.5-inch screws and wood stain if you plan on staining your pallet. The stain is an optional step - but it can really enhance the aesthetic of your rack. As far as tools go, you will need a saw, hammer, pry, drill, sander and wood clamps.

​We are aiming to make the wine glass rack 16 to 17 inches tall. You will first ​use a circular saw or hand saw to cut an indention where the forklift fork would go.

Using your pry bar, you will pry apart whatever you need to in order to use the center of the pallet’s board. This can be a frustrating step and it is imperative to remain calm, go safe and slow, and learn with the process.

Next up, you will need to cut three pieces by using the bigger section of the pallet where the boards are nailed. The three pieces will be used to hold the glasses in the rack and give the bottom of the rack some needed support.

Each of these three pieces needs to be at least the length of the board. Cut them with a handsaw. If you are trying to make your wine glass rack look the best you can, sanding down the boards you are using is a wonderful step.

You will now need to make holes for the hanging wine glasses at the bottom of your rack. Depending on the length of your board (a standard pallet is approximately 40 inches wide), you will mark your four holes an even distance away from one another and the ends of the board.

Using a 1-3/8-inch forstner bit on your drill or a hand drill to drill out your marked holes. Cut the pieces out and sand the edges to prevent splintering. Next, you can line the two boards up together and make any small adjustments so that they look good together.

Clamp the two pieces to your table with your wood clamps and pre-drill the holes and counter sink them. Use your 3-inch screws to put it all together and then use the smaller 2.5-inch screws in certain spots they may be needed.

An important note is to pre-drill your holes so that you do not split the wood and ruin your project.

Now you can use the 2.5-inch screws to place studs in the wall to be able to hang and hold the weight of your new masterpiece. You can stain your wood as desired and hang your wine glass rack for all to enjoy.

Video Tutorial

​2. Reclaimed Tower Rack

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​All right, on to the next amazing D-I-Y wine glass rack. This one is extremely cute, fun, and engaging to create. This rack is easier to build than the last one, and does not require as many power tools.


​1 – 2x4x10 board, 1 – 1x4x8 pine or white wood board, 1 – 1x2x4 pine or white wood board, a Jig, a drill and metal label holders. To begin your tower rack, cut your 2x4 into three equal pieces 39-inches in length.

Next up, use your jib to line up your wood and add pocket holes. This build calls for 1.5-inch pocket holes approximately every 8-inches down on one side of two of your three boards you cut. Then, take your drill and drill your pocket holes.

Use a piece of sand paper or a sander to sand off the edges of your wood. Now, drill your three pieces of wood together using 2.5-inch pocket hole screws.

The five shelves are next. You will cut the 1x4 into five equal pieces that are 8.5-inches in length.

You can use your jig to add pocket holes to the shelf, but for these pieces you will make ¾-inch pocket holes. Attach your shelves to the backboard using 1.25-inch pocket hold screws. For extra support, use wood glue too when you attach the shelves.

You will make the edge pieces next. Do this by using your 1x2 to cut five equal pieces that are 8.5-inches in length. It is also helpful to use wood glue for extra support

You can then use a hammer and nail or a nail gun if available to secure your edges to your shelves. You are now done with the building portion of this tower rack and can move on to staining the wood.

Add decorative label holders so that you can see what type of wine each shelf is. You can just use small nails to attach your label holders to the edges of the shelves. Chalk labels are also super fun, because you can write the different wine flavors directly on them.

Find studs to hang your brand new and homemade wine glass rack. You will need to pre-drill a small hole where your stud is and line the rack up with the hole to make sure you are hanging your wine rack straight and even.

You can use a drill to attach a torx screw through the wine glass rack and into the stud you have just hung. This build recommends using three screws into the stud to ensure the rack can hold the weight of five bottles of wine.

There you have it! You have just created what hopefully is a beautifully functioning, reclaimed wood wine glass rack.

Video Tutorial

​The Fruits of Your Labor

wine bottles on a wine rack

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​Now that you are a successful builder, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor – quite literally.

Fill your newly built wine glass rack with all those bottles of wine that have been hiding away in the bar or panty and proudly display them on your new rack!

Call over the girls, your romantic partner, or your best friend and pour up a celebratory glass of wine. You definitely deserve it. You also deserve to show off your newly finished creative endeavor.

Who knows? It might even turn into a new part-time business.