William Henry knives are considered to be one of the best semi production and semi handmade knives that are available on the market today. There is nothing like the materials used on the custom folding knives by William Henry, as well as the quality of workmanship that makes each knife an object of desire for collectors. Made from the William Henry Studio, the name ascribed to each knife was taken from the combination of the middle names of the studio founders Matt William Conable and Michael Henry Honack. Both men are co owners of the William Henry brand of knives.

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William Henry knives originate from McMinnville, Oregon where a team of highly skilled craftsmen finish and assemble the products to perfection. The blade of each knife is especially grinded by Kikuo Matsuda, a master blade grinder who originated from Japan.

Each knife takes more than seven months to finish, and involves the skill of more than 30 craftspeople and an estimated 800 unique operations. Thus, every William Henry knife emerges from the factory with complete refinement on every internal and external surface.

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The finishing allows the studio to create different kinds of finishes and textures that fit seamlessly with each other when the various parts of William Henry knives are assembled together. This is made possible by the accurate measurement of each mechanism down to 0.0005 inch, or around 1/12 of the width of human hair. The tolerance is required for a precision folding knife to function perfectly and with strength. Thus, every finished knife from William Henry is actually a customized piece.

This is apparent even from a quick glance on William Henry knives online. Aside from form and function, the knives have been designed creatively. The people behind William Henry are not focused on creating an ordinary knife but are focused on quality and excellence, which they have been following as a strict standard through the years.

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Aside from following rigorous standards, William Henry knives must also go through water jet precision cutting and CNC machining for artistic purposes. For those who do not know, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control machines. They are milling machines that were made fully automated and independent of human assistance. The automation is made possible by a sequence of instructions that are given to a computer controller inside the machines. Aside from being able to operate for days, the machines are capable of very precise operations, which work to enhance each William Henry collectible knives.

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There are various online sites that are offering knives made by William Henry Studio. Many of them are so proud of the products because of their fine quality and great reputation. So proud in fact that many of them specialize on the brand. Thus, it is common to surf the internet for the brand name and come up with a long list of sites all bearing the name William Henry. With the wide availability of William Henry knives, you can easily find an exclusive knife model or a special edition design through the internet.