Only red wine glasses can make red wine taste better! This is a common perception and there is some truth to it. Wine glasses are specifically made for drinking and tasting wine. These glasses have three parts that includes the bowl, the stem and base. The proper way of drinking of wine from these glasses is often described as drinking from it while holding the stem. The common reason is simply to avoid soiling the bowl, aside from the fact that your body’s heat affects the temperature of the wine.

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The Right Glass for the Perfect Wine

Although there are no scientific basis that the shape of wine glasses affects the taste of wine, the common notion is that they do. Wine glasses makers prescribe distinctive shapes for wine glasses and argue that wine tastes better when a proper wine glass is used for drinking it.

  • Features of a Red Wine Glass

    Red wine glasses are wine glasses specified for red wine. They have rounder shape and with wider bowl, which is very distinctive from other wine glasses. Wine experts, on the other hand, argue that a wider bowl has the tendency to increase oxidation rate. Red wine is particularly susceptible to oxidation as oxygen creates chemical reaction with the wine and thus strengthening its aroma and giving it a smooth taste.

Red wine glasses are particularly shaped not only for the sake of art but primarily to provide good taste for red wine. Most of these glasses are made of lead crystals that allow the swirling of the bowl more efficiently. Swirling the glass bowl allows the wine to breathe thus giving off the wine aroma. Lead crystals also have higher light refraction, which is best to protect the red wine from the heat.

  • Variations of a Red Wine Glass

Red wine glasses are of different variations. The Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses are considered best red wine glasses. The Bordeaux is for full bodied red wine, while Burgundy is for more delicate red wine. The big difference lies on the shape of its bowl. Burgundy red wine glasses have broader bowl to hold the great aroma of a more delicate red wine.

Riedel Glasses have variations like stainless wine glasses and the overture red wine glass, which is classified as one of the best red wine glasses. The glass is made of the finest lead crystal and has high light refraction allowing less heat to pass, thus allowing the wine to maintain its temperature. Wine temperature is very crucial in maintaining its aroma, color, texture, and taste.

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·        Availability of a Red Wine Glass

There are now many available red wine glasses that offer good alternative for those with high price tags. Most of these cheap red wine glasses are made of good crystal lead, which is appropriate for wine drinking. There are also wine glass makers that produce unique red wine glasses making red wine drinking more sophisticated or extreme based on the preference of the wine drinker.

Red wine glasses have a distinctive shape that helps wine to taste better. Choosing the best types for your next party will generally have your guests enjoy their wine and improve your standing as a party host.