New motorcycle riders are unaware of the importance of motorcycle gloves. As long as they know how to cling to the handlebars and twist the throttle, they think that they are already good to go. Another category of motorcycle riders wear gloves just to make them look good while riding it. However, as a rider, you should know that these gloves play a huge role in terms of riding a motorcycle.

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How Important is Wearing Motorcycle Gloves

Some of the few good reasons why you should wear gloves when riding motorcycles include the following:

  • Hands have the tendency to sweat a lot during lot during long and extensive riding periods. As the hands become wet, this can cause you to lose grip of the handle bars. Wearing motorcycle gloves can prevent this from happening. When opting for gloves for motorcycle riding, make sure to go for the one that can provide protection outside and give you comfort from within. Kevlar, leather and carbon fiber materials are usually the most recommended gloves. As for the interior lining, cotton is commonly used among all glove liners as it helps prevent excessive sweating.
  • In case of an accident where you skid forward due to momentum, your immediate reaction most probably is to stop skidding with the use of your hands. In such situation, your hands would surely get bruised and battered badly and the glove liners can protect it against cuts or scratches. If you are wearing a protective gear, such as gloves, you can protect your hand from bruises or cuts due to an accident. Racing gloves are of higher quality and these can prevent the hands from bending or twisting.
  • Motorcycle gloves can also provide protection against various weather conditions and are usually most useful during winter seasons. During winter seasons, your fingers may become numb, especially when it is constantly subjected to chilly or cold winds and the same can be experienced when biking during such season. When the fingers are numb, it may not react fast enough and has reduced alertness. Wearing gloves can keep this from happening, as the glove liners can help keep the fingers warm, thus preventing any form of accident.

Classifications of Gloves

Full Fingered Gloves

Full fingered gloves are further classified to four varying types.

  • Among all these four, gauntlet gloves are considered as the best, as it can provide extreme protection and can be equipped regardless of the weather.
  • Rain gloves or plastic gloves are normally used as covers and are usually worn over an already worn pair of gloves.
  • Lightweight gloves are normally used during hot conditions or summer season, as it can provide the hands with a cooler feel.
  • Leather gloves or winter motorcycle gloves are recommended for cold weather or winter season. Such type of gloves can provide the hands the warmth in needs against cold conditions.

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Fingerless or Half Fingered Gloves

Such gloves do not usually provide high quality safety but are considered ideal for regular motorcycling. Fingerless gloves can help keep the hands cool, less sweaty and provide it with proper ventilation with its soft glove liners.

As a rider, the choice between these motorcycle gloves all depends on you and your preference. When making a choice, just do not forget to consider the quality, comfort and size of the glove and the protection that it can provide you during dire situations.