Few ingredients can add the silky smoothness, airy fluff or rich indulgence to a dish that whip cream brings to the table. With the rise in additives, synthetic chemicals and mystery ingredients in so many of today’s store-bought products, many people choose to forgo life’s little indulgences. However, with a good whip cream recipe you can create tasty treats such as parfaits, shortcakes or iced cupcakes in a matter of minutes with simple, wholesome ingredients. All whip cream recipes start with a foundation—the basic easy whip cream recipe.

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Basic Whip Cream Recipe

  1. Add heavy cream to a chilled metal bowl. As whip cream warms, it can become loose and runny. Using a chilled bowl will keep the whip cream fluffy and cool.
  2. Add a dash of your preferred sweetener. Whether you choose an artificial sweetener, like Splenda, or a natural sweetener such as sugar, honey or even sweetened fruit extract, add it in small increments before whipping. Taste the cream until you find a sweetness level that you like.
  3. Whip! If you making this whip cream recipe by hand, prepare to switch arms a few times. To maximize the introduction of air to the cream, hold the bowl at a slight angle and bring the beater out of and into the cream with each rotation. For mixers, start at a lower speed then slowly work your way up to the highest speed available. You will know you are done when the cream makes tiny peaks when the beater or whisk is removed.

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If your end-goal is cake icing, simply add some bloomed gelatin to the bowl gradually as your mix. This whip cream icing recipe provides all the flexibility and fluff of whip cream with less calories than normal decorator’s icing.

The great thing about making a homemade whip cream recipe is that you have the flexibility to make it anything you want it to be. All it takes is a whisk, hand mixer or stand mixer, a metal bowl, some cold cream and a little time. While most whip cream in a store comes in light, regular or extra creamy, there is no end to the flavors you can create at home. There just numerous whip cream recipes out there that you can try. From common ones like fruit flavored whip cream to nutty or spiced whip cream creations using cinnamon, nutmeg or hazelnut. For a change from the everyday whip cream to something a little more adventurous, consider these ideas.

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Unique Whip Cream Recipes

  • Cayenne PepperUsed in moderation, the heat of cayenne pepper makes a delicious and peppery addition to a whip cream recipe. Pair this fiery topping with dark chocolate for an amazing flavor profile.
  • Cocoa Powderthis makes a delectable chocolate topping for any dessert. Try using it as a dip for fresh fruit or sandwich it between two cookies for a tasty treat.
  • Orange Zestthe essential oils of the orange will add fragrance and a delicate flavor to your homemade whip cream recipe. Pairing it with chocolate or citrus desserts provides a rich and indulgent flavor. Try this on poppy seed muffins for a unique and delicious snack.
  • Peppermint Oilthis will create the lightest, fluffiest candy cane treat you have ever tasted. A little goes a long way with this stuff, so taste as you go. With peppermint’s stomach soothing and breathe cleansing properties, this whip cream recipe makes a great addition to desserts when guests are involved or after large holiday dinners.

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If you think you’ve read the most outrageous whip cream recipe then think again. The internet is a vast ocean of knowledge today and it is sure to give you more unique and odd whip cream recipes. There’s even alcohol infused whip creams today in the likes of vodka. There’s no right or wrong in creating your own whip cream recipe as long as it suits your tastebuds and creates a wholesome eating experience.