Keeping family records is an important factor to be considered as you invest, purchase, and make other daily transactions in the family. The question of where and how long to keep family records is often raised, knowing how vital these records are. With Hon filing cabinets, all records can be kept safe and secured as long as you want.

keeping family records, where and how long

Guidelines in Keeping Family Records Safe

  • Keep all records, starting from the purchase of home and any payment receipts used for home maintenance and selling as long as your house is concerned. Take for example, you are planning on selling your house, the cost of the house maintenance and any other expenses that you paid will be added to the original purchase price of your home using the bills you kept.
  • For families that make use of Hon cabinets, these files and document can easily be retrievable because they were kept safe and secure. Filing cabinets can be moved from one place to another and are highly designed to ease accessibility. Whether in your homes or offices, Hon cabinets can be of great assistance in ensuring a safe and secured filing system.
  • Where and how long to keep family records depends on the lifestyle of a family. The nature of the a house determines where important records should be kept. Records are kept either in home filing cabinets, fireproof home storage, in the wallets and billfolds of households’ members, or even in the vehicles owned.
  • The safest answer to the question as to where and how long to keep family records, is that family records should be kept for a lifetime because even your children and your grandchildren or other family relations would have use for them, when such matter arises.

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Importance of Keeping Family Records

Keeping family record saves money, time, trouble and frustration. The benefits of record keeping, and knowing where and how long to keep family records, cannot be over emphasized. Marriage certificates, death certificates, citizenship and neutralization papers, separation and divorce paper works, settlement agreements paper, and military documents, all need to be kept safe and sound and secured.

In addition, keeping your records helps you get extra benefits from your pensions and insurance coverage. By using your records, you can get insurance, pension, and military claims at less than the actual time it takes if you are still to look and gather your past records. For health and medical records, too, it will be easier for the physicians to treat you or any family member if records are kept and filed.