Gone are the days when kitchen faucets were only meant to be functional. Nowadays, kitchen faucets are designed to be stylish, durable as well as functional. One of the common type of kitchen faucets available in the market are the Kohler kitchen faucets.

Why Choose Kohler Kitchen Faucets?

  • Durability: Kohler kitchen faucets are made of brass and zinc to provide long lasting service. Once you install them you do not have to worry about replacing them.
  • Controlled Water Flow: The faucets are also installed with ceramic disc valves to control water flow at all temperatures.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: They are coated with PVD finishing and painted in a variety of colors to give them a beautiful final look.
  • Variety and Style: Kohler kitchen faucets come in different designs and varieties to give the customer a wide range to choose from. One of the most commonly requested faucets from Kohler is the oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet which is chosen mostly for its beauty and elegance.
  • Easy Installation: One of the most praised features of this faucet is the easy installation. Kohler kitchen faucets are easy to install because they are made with flexible connections to increase the mobility of connectors. This feature helps you on time, effort,and costs because installing Kohler kitchen faucets will only take a few minutes and you can do it yourself or hire a plumber who should not charge you too highly because it is a simple installation process.

most convenient type of kohler kitchen faucets

Maintenance of Kohler Kitchen Faucets


The kitchen faucet is used a lot and this can lead to it getting dirty a lot. Most of the times, it is even dirtier than the sink and may require daily cleaning. Kohler kitchen sink faucets are generally easy to clean and the cleaning can be done in just a few minutes.

The following are steps on how to clean Kohler kitchen faucets:

  • Get dishwashing soap and dilute it with water. Use a cleaning cloth to wipe off the faucet to remove any stains on the surface.
  • For the tough stains in the corners of the faucet, use a toothbrush to get any dirt that may be hidden in the corners faucet.
  • After the faucet is clean, take a little bit of vinegar and dampen some paper towels and use them to wipe the surface of the Kohler faucet.
  • The vinegar does three things: disinfects the faucet, removes water stains and spots, as well as makes the faucet shine.

durable kohler kitchen faucets part


Although Kohler kitchen faucets are meant to last a lifetime, sometimes they may develop a few problems that may require fixing. Kohler kitchen faucets repair is usually not too hard and can be handled by anyone with basic knowledge on how to use tools.

The most common problems that you can experience with Kohler kitchen faucets will revolve around the spray head, side spray or the valve.

  • Loose Spray Head: The spray head may become loose after use over a long period. If this is the case simple tightening should be able to fix the problem.
  • Cracked Faucet: If there is cracking on Kohler kitchen faucets, or if your valve is damaged you may need to get new parts for your faucets which can be purchased online or at your local store.

If after purchase you do not know how to fix the specific Kohler kitchen faucets parts, you can always get the service of a plumber.