If you’re pregnant for the first time, this is probably a scary, exciting and unfamiliar time in your life. Learn what to prepare when you’re expecting so that you feel a bit more in control of this brand new situation. Luckily, every mom-to-be gets a baby shower and you’ll receive plenty of new mom gifts that will help you prep for the little one.

Preparing For Your Pregnancy And Childbirth

1.) See your OB-Gynecologist.

Get in touch with your OB as soon as you realize you’re pregnant, or even when you realize that you could be pregnant. Your doctor will need to see you when you’re about eight weeks pregnant and then regularly thereafter. She’ll be a huge help when it comes to what to prepare when you’re expecting. You’ll learn what to expect in terms of your body changes, hormones and how you’ll feel physically.

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2.) Think about your childcare options.

It may sound premature, but now is the best time to figure out your childcare options. Unless you plan to be a stay-at-home mom, chances are, you’re going to need to find a babysitter or daycare for your little one once your maternity leave is up. A year in advance isn’t necessarily too far in the future. Daycare centers get booked quickly and they may know now what their availability is for the following year. When it comes to what to prepare when you’re expecting, try to take as many details off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on adoring your baby once he arrives.

3.) Talk to your boss.

You don’t have to break the news the second you find out that you’re pregnant, but once you’re in your second trimester, it’s time to have a conversation with the people you work for. When it comes to what to prepare when you’re expecting, you’ll need to know exactly how long you’ll be working, what maternity leave terms are and when you’ll have to go back to work.

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4.) Find a gift registry.

Register at your favorite children’s stores so that everyone knows what to get you when it’s time for the baby shower. Organize your life as much as possible, including paying bills, sorting receipts and cleaning any cluttered areas. You won’t have time for this when the baby arrives, but that doesn’t mean that you can just forget about these responsibilities either. In your third trimester, fit the car seat into your car to make sure it fits perfectly and that you know exactly how to put it in and take it out.