Statement shirts are more than just fashion, they help to convey messages to all those who view them hence making them very unique and outstanding. There are very many clothing manufacturers that have ventured in making quality statement shirts such as the dc Shirts. However shoppers need to consider a few factors when selecting a particular product.

open minded statement shirt

Selection Tips

One of the main consideration is the size of the shirt; knowing the body size can help to select a product that is not too big or too large.  Ensure that material used to design and make the shirt is of high quality so as to avoid wasting resources on low quality products. For example, some materials have a negative effective on the skin resulting in skin rashes and other complications. The purchased statement shirt should be friendly to the skin and matching with other outfits worn. Here are some of the popular statement shirts designs and styles available in almost all leading stores all over the world.

 Camouflage Statement Shirts

This is specifically designed for women since it can match with most beauty accessories and fashion styles. It’s made from high quality cotton material that is first checked to ensure that it has no flaws. It can be washed comfortably using various washing machines without fear of it fading or stretching. They vary in size so as to accommodate the needs of all customers. For example the large size has is usually 60cm long while the medium is much smaller.

White and Black Statement Shirts

As the name depicts this product is available in black or white colors. Some of the designers blend these two colors together to produce a very unique and classy shirt. The material used to make the product may vary depending on the producers but most of them are made from cotton. They are styles for male and female while other are unisex meaning both sexes can wear them. The size varies depending on the client.

Personalized Shirt

One of the benefits of purchasing a statement shirt is that one can customize it in a particular design and style by just making a special request to the manufacturer. It’s possible to get a dc shirt made as per the specifications but this may be more expensive than ordinary shirts already in the market. Quality of the material used is high hence these shirts are very durable and can be washed by hand or using a machine. Select products in this line helps in passing the exact message to the audience unlike other products whose message is predetermined by the designer. Costumers derive more utility and satisfactions from this product than all other designs.

orange statement shirt

Fashion and Wearing Tips

Fashion is all about matching the clothes to a perfect combination that is cool and unique. Male statement shirts can be worn with a pair of blue or black jeans depending on the color of the shirt. White shirts usually match well with pair blue jeans and some white sneakers. For ladies it’s advisable to ensure that the color of the dc shirts compliments the other clothes such as dress and accessories such as necklace or handbag. Wearing too many bright colors together may look messy and not cool at all.

One can seek advice from professional designers on some of the best ways to wear them. The popular brands include DC SHIRTS, Mazda Navy, MyStatusShirt and many more. Comparing the price tag on various brands can help in selecting the most affordable and quality statement shirt available.