Most people know how to prevent a fire and the basic fire safety rules. But what if your fire alarm beeping wakes you up in the middle of the night and it’s not a fluke. Do you know what to do in case of fire at home? Read on to learn the tips and tricks that could save your life.

TIps On What To Do In Case Of Fire At Home

How To Deal With a Fire Emergency at Home

  • Get to the nearest door, but before opening it, check if there’s either smoke or heat coming into the room between the door and door frame. If there is, there could be a fire directly on the other side of the door, in which case you won’t want to open it. Don’t touch the door either, since it could be hot enough to burn you.
  • If there’s isn’t smoke or heat coming into the room, carefully touch the doorknob. If it’s not hot, open the door slowly.
  • If smoke starts to billow into the room, quickly shut the door. If it doesn’t, proceed cautiously to the closest exit.
  • If the house is smoky, keep close to the ground as you make your way toward the exit.
  • While it’s tempting to grab as much as you can before leaving the house, the most important thing is to get out immediately. What to do in case of fire at home has much less to do with saving your valuable items and more with saving yourself.

About Fire Alarm Beeping

Escape Routes

  • Get to the nearest exit. If the way is blocked because of smoke or fire, get to the second closest exit, and so on.
  • If the only exit you can use is a window, and the window isn’t on ground-level, toss your emergency rope ladder out the window and climb down.
  • Different homes will require different strategies depending on how many floors there are.
  • Most homes should have at least two exits that lead outside. Learn your way to the different exits in your home from varying locations.
  • Memorize these escape routes with your eyes closed. If there’s a fire, you could have your vision obscured by smoke and you’ll have to rely on your memory to get out of the house.


People generally don’t like to talk about what could happen during a fire. However, being prepared can turn a hopeless situation into a hopeful one. Know exactly what to do in case of fire at home so that you’re not taken aback if the worst case scenario happens.