Before you start shopping for any kind of chain wrench, you must understand the purpose for which it is intended. Generally, a chain wrench is a utility tool that is used in many different circumstances. Some of the most common areas where this tool comes in handy is in workshops where there is need to tighten, loosen or hold heavy round objects.

There are several models of chain wrenches in the market. Deciding on the one to buy should be influenced by the task you have at hand. When you want a device that can help you hold something firmly, you can opt for the strap wrench that relies on heavy static friction to tightly grip the object in question. That is why pipes are mostly handled using the chain pipe wrench that is specifically designed for that purpose.

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There are numerous factors that you need to consider when you set out to buy a chain wrench. One important thing that you cannot afford to overlook is the size and capacity of the chain wrench. This is because the weight of the object being lifted or handled should never exceed the highest recommended weight for any particular chain wrench.

The ridgid chain wrench is another popular brand in many workshops. This is because it provides a very firm and steady grip. It also comes in two major designs namely; the ridgid 31310 which is meant for light duty and the much tougher ridgid 31320 that is specifically designed to handle heavy duty chain wrench tasks. Of course there is a variation in their prices with the heavy duty one costing almost double the light duty one.

The length of the arm of the chain wrench is another important factor to look at. This is because it will determine how well you can manipulate an object that you will be holding using the same tool. Perhaps it is important to also note that there are different metals used in the manufacture of the chain wrench. The main objective however, is to ensure you have the strongest that can withstand the job at hand.

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When you have to hold something tightly using a chain wrench, you need to understand that the chain link often causes damage to any polished surfaces as it continues to grip. As a result of this factor, you need to make sure you take precaution if the item you are working on does not need to be scratched or grazed in any manner. You can use the chain strap wrench that has a strap on the inner part of the chain to protect your object.