Have you wondered how important is the fuel transfer pump on your car especially when dealing with fuel pump problems? Just try thinking that you travel far and you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, and to your dismay, you forgot to fill your fuel tank with fuel up to its brim. This may be a quite absurd story, but it had happened to many other motorists, so, in order to avoid this kind of thing happening to you, you must get one unit of transfer pump for fuel for your own car.

best fuel transfer pump

Kinds of Fuel Transfer Pump

  • Manual Fuel Transfer Pump

The first kind of fuel transfer pump is the manual fuel transfer pump. This kind as the name entails naturally uses manual effort to pump out the fuel to the fuel tank of your car. You manually pump it using your hands just like in pumping water out of a pump well. There are several types of manual pumps you just choose the kind that you want most.

  • Portable Fuel Transfer Pump

The portable fuel transfer pump is the second kind of fuel transfer pump, which is designed just like the form of a refilling tank in a gasoline station, but it’s just so small. It is automatic. Upon pressing its lever, the gasoline will automatically come out from its nozzle down to your fuel tank. There are several types of portable pumps as it has with the manual pump and most have varied forms and sizes that you could choose from.

  • Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

There is also a diesel fuel transfer pump, which is also a kind of fuel transfer pump that normally is intended for diesel fuel alone. Although it has also a portable and manual kind of pumps for this kind, its purpose and usage are still the same. It only differs on the kind of fuel that will be placed on.

manual fuel transfer pump

Cost Of The Transfer Pump

The cost of the fuel transfer pump varies depending on its kind, the model and brand that it has as well as for what kind of fuel will it store. The cost of the manual pump is the cheapest among others and its price starts at $59, which is also the same price to the cheapest diesel model. The automatic portable is the most expensive one having the highest price for its best model which could be $576. More or less, the prices per category or models of each of the kind would definitely depend on the kind of materials it is being made of.

The common problem among the fuel transfer pump could be the leaking problem that it may have. It cannot be denied that how much the price of such transfer pump could be and how best it is among others, there would really be time that leaking could be a problem especially if you get to travel far and the road could be too bumpy sometimes and your pump’s tank is filled with the fuel. However, the manufacturers have already counteracted such problem and have already modified their units, however, as the pump gets older, leaking could still be a problem.