As most women know, manicured hands look much better than hands that haven’t been cared for. Whether you’re going to splash on vibrant color or simply let your nails go natural, you’ll want healthy cuticles. If you’re asking yourself, “Sure, but what does a healthy cuticle look like?” you’ll want to follow certain guidelines so that you can find out for yourself.

What are Cuticles?

Many people believe that cuticles are formed by a gathering of dead skin. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. Cuticles are alive and their function is to protect the nail from bacteria and fungus. This wards off nasty infections, and unhealthy cuticles cannot do this job well.

What does a healthy cuticle look like

When your cuticles aren’t cared for, you run the risk of letting dangerous bacteria creep into your nail bed. It’s also important to never trim your cuticles. Less cuticle means less protection for your nails, and if you trim too far, it’ll be painful. Some professionals make this mistake, so make sure your manicurist doesn’t clip back your cuticles.

What Does a Healthy Cuticle Look Like?

The best way to answer the question, “What does a healthy cuticle look like?” is to pay close attention to the appearance of your own cuticles. Once you’ve cared for them for a period of time, you’ll see exactly what a healthy cuticle looks like. Unhealthy cuticles are ragged, thick and just plain ugly. If you’ve tried to trim it, your cuticle may even be detached somewhat. Overall, cuticles that aren’t healthy won’t look polished and attractive. Healthy cuticles, on the other hand, will be completely intact and cover a tiny portion of your nail. They’ll be soft, moisturized and the same color as the rest of your skin. Plus, healthy cuticles make a fresh manicure look its best.

best effective cuticle care tips

Cuticle Care Tips

Now that you know how to answer, “What does a healthy cuticle look like?” it’s time to get those gorgeous nails you’ve always wanted. Soak your fingers in mildly warm water for ten minutes. Push your cuticles back gently using an orange wood stick. Slather cuticle oil or cream onto each cuticle, rubbing it in for 10 seconds on each nail. You can also use Vitamin E oil, which is a natural cuticle oil. For severely cracked cuticles, use shea butter. If your cuticles are already in good shape, repeat this process weekly. If they’re dry and cracked, do this every day for several days until you notice a difference.

Once you’ve cared for your nails, you won’t have to worry, “What does a healthy cuticle look like?” You’ll have your answer on your own set of nails! Keep up the care and maintenance regimen to ensure pretty, healthy nails in the future. Not only will you always look refined and put-together, but you’ll also prevent ugly, painful infections.