The term spa is associated with therapeutic water treatment, also known as balneotherapy. This is where massage is given in a bid to bring about relaxation and ease to body muscles and tension. Robes used in spas have to be comfortable and cosy in order to bring about this relaxing effect. Spa robes are more or less bath robes, only difference being that these robes are used in spas while bathrobes are worn at home. Spa robes could however be bought for individual use in one’s own home, rather than just a spa.

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What is a Terry Cloth Robe

Terry cloth robes are the most common type of robes used in spas. They are very on demand, luxurious appeal, relaxing and most longed for bath robes. Since a spa is keen on giving its clients that feeling of being pampered, most of this kind goes for Terry cloth bath robes. These robes are made of a fabric that is specially designed to absorb larger amounts of water faster than any types of cloth.

A Terry cloth bath robe is considered to be a luxury spa robes and it comes in different styles for men, women and children who look adorable in them. Apart from ordinary styles in bathrobes, spa robes could also come in a hooded style. Fine downy wool growing beneath outer hair of cashmere goats produces a fine, cosy and classy fabric known as cashmere. This fabric is used in making of a cashmere robe. These robes have natural deco flair, and offer maximum warmth of wool without roughness or scratching for softest hands available. They come with a sash to tie around the waist providing for even more warmth and comfort.

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Spa Robes for Women

Spa robes for women ought to be chosen with particular things in mind. Some of these things include;

  • Colour – women are known to prefer warm and cosy colours like pink and baby blue. These colours help them relax better.
  • Length – women with insecurity issues with their bodies prefer long robes while those who love their bodies prefer shorter ones.
  • Material – silk is considered to be the most ideal material for making women’s spa robes, but there are other materials that has distinct feature that makes them preferred by others.

There are various materials that are used in making spa robes. These include polyester, fleece, natural cotton, Turkish cotton, Velour and microfiber. Wholesale spa robes are way cheaper as compared to retail ones, since bulk orders can get a better deal compared to individual purchase.