Among the very best entertainment, West end shows London still lead the road after years of being on stage. They, along with the New York’s famous Broadway show industry, are considered to be maestros for producing some of the very best entertainment extravaganzas the world has ever known. Some of the West end shows like Blood Brothers are extremely popular among people and are considered to be a major part of tourist attractions there. This show was written by Willy Russell and is one of the longest running musical shows ever.

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Being one of the major highlights, West end shows London provide wholesome entertainment for almost everyone and are considered a focal point of attraction. These shows are held at, ”Theaterland” which is situated in the heart of West end, Central London. Besides Blood Brothers, there are other shows in London’s West end such as The Lion King, Les Miserables and Wicked, which are bound to keep a person busy for weeks. These shows attract a pool of talent from all over the globe and are quite synonymous with a world class entertainment.

London is famous for many tourist attractions, out of which the West end shows London are a regular crowd attractors. These shows draw thousands of visitors each year from the world over who come to London especially for their screening. They have been running for a long time in the history of theatre and have defined the career for many artists including top actors such as Kevin Spacey, Keira Knightely and Sam Mendes. Shows in west end London like Blood Brothers started in 1983 and have been screening successfully since then. It has won many awards including four Oliver and six Tony awards for being one of the best musicals ever.

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Most of these West end shows London are held in theatres that are privately owned and portray a Victorian or Edwardian construction. These buildings have a touch of class about them due to their character induced interior decoration. They are situated in the heart of the theater district which is part of London’s cultural district and is quite vibrant. To enhance the overall experience, one must dine at any of the countless number of restaurants around these theatres. The dine and show combination makes the whole experience unforgettable and a pleasurable night to remember. Just make sure to book the tickets in advance as these shows tend to get quite packed.