When winter comes and there will be icy snows everywhere, you might want to consider wearing wedge booties. They are not only for trendy looks but also are very comfortable during cold weather because they shield your feet from the cold weather. They are stylish and warm when it comes to walking on a snowy road than stiletto or other types of shoes.

High Fashion Leopard Booties

But maybe you are having difficulty when it comes to pairing your wedge booties with your clothing. What you need is a nice idea on matching these shoes for you to walk with them confidently. Here are the tips of how to wear them to be cozy and yet sexy.

Tips in Wearing Wedge Boots

  • Do not wear gathered or flared skirts if you have the knee length wedge boots on. You might look bulky. You have to pair this type of boots with dark leggings and a cute top tunic.
  • Best choices to have are the leather and black wedge booties pairing them with the straight jeans plus the big sized sweater. This is for a casual look with a little edgy style.

Elegant Black Wedge Booties

  • Your wedge booties are also perfect with some patterned tights in black color. You can add woollies, scarves and hats. You can also wear them with mini skirts. It will look cute if you have the knee length one.
  • Bootleg jeans are a big no-no when it comes to this type of boots.
  • Consider adding a knitted cardigan to complete your chic look..

Now, you have an idea on what to wear and not to wear when it comes to your wedge booties. You can then breathe well because you are now saved from having a fashion disaster. But there is one kind of these booties that women find hard to look for a matching outfit. These booties are called the leopard wedge booties.

Awesome Leopard Wedge Booties

  • If you want to look confident, pair your leopard booties with color brown, red, green, tan or black. Just stick with the solid color so as you do not overwhelm the boots by wearing something that has loud prints.
  • If you want to look very classy and chic, leopard print wedge booties are very nice with a black dress. Then, you can add some leopard accessories to match things.
  • Always be careful in not overdoing your accessories whilst you are wearing an animal print boots.

Leather Made leopard print wedge booties

Let these tips and suggestions be your guide in pulling off that cute wedge booties you have. You will totally look beautiful and sexy in your wedge booties, no matter what style and color they are.