Weber performer grill is one of the most popular grill devices available in the market. Whether for weekend uses; everyday use or for your barbeque parties, you can purchase, install and use with no issues.

weber performer gold charcoal grill

Grills are really something that people cannot give up in their lives and a barbeque lunch at the weekend, with your family and kids around you, is something great.  In order to get the perfect grilling time without any issues, you need to have the perfect grill that have qualities such as:

Pros of Weber Performer Grill

Easy Installation

Easy to install and this of course is a key feature in any performer grill. You need to get easily and efficiently your grill to set to work with no issues and no mistakes. Weber performer grill has this feature as you can, just by following the given instructions, do everything by yourself, put it in a suitable place and the grilling fun starts.

User Friendly

Even though if you do not know how to install or use it successfully, just browse the internet and watch any of the tens of Weber performer grill reviews. Such reviews are available as video tutorials that give step-by-step instructions on how to install the grill performer. Not only that, the video provides ideas on how to use, clean and maintain a Weber performer grill.


Work efficiently and is made of good materials. Weber performer grill is made of good materials, available in many colors including black. It mainly works using propane gas and has a supply of a 16-ounce bottle. The use of propane is of course so much better than using other fuel types such as charcoal. Gas grill performers are healthier to use as all the gas burned without affecting the health or the environment.

weber performer grill with cover

Easy Maintenance

Easy to clean is another wanted feature any grill performer customer wants it to be. As these cooking devices are vulnerable to having grease, oils, remains of burnt food left after every use, a quick and efficient cleanse is needed so that no remains stay at a Weber performer grill to give any bad odors. Moreover, if a grill performer is difficult to clean, food sticks easily to it or even it gets scratched even with ordinary cleaning, then things become a mess and you may dislike using such grill performer.


Having it at a good price is also important and Weber performer grill is available at reasonable prices compared with other types of performers and by weighing the many good features, it has. You can buy these grill performers at a Weber grill sale event, local stores, as well as the internet. All you need is searching well, checking for the features and models available and comparing the prices. You may also check for Weber performer grill on sale in order to get a better price discount.

Some cons

  • The Weber performer grill cover, once opened to turn food over, may block the wind and that affects the strength of the fire.
  • The propane bottles of Weber performer grill seem a little small that they might not last for long time or for many uses.