Just what is it with leopard print scarf that it has become an all time classic favorite? Come to think of it, a scarf has become a symbol of comfort and style. During cold seasons, you can’t go without something to wrap around your neck. And if you have to go to some special occasion on a sexy evening gown, scarf can serve as shawls over your shoulders. And as leopard print scarf can easily serve both purpose for a scarf and more, it is not surprising that women of great sense of style will seek out this scarf prints to add into their wardrobe collection.

trendy leopard print scarf

A Variety In Leopard Print Scarf

Leopard prints are seen as exotic, exciting and sexy. Its shades can come gray to black, brown, green and some are even in shades of blue. The brown leopard print scarf if the most known shade for the scarf. Other shades, however, have their own appeal.

The scarf also comes in a variety of designs. There are leopard print scarf with fringe that adds the scarf appeal for the cold season. There are also multi-toned and polka dot leopard print scarves. The scarf can be made from different soft materials like cotton, polyester, satin and silk. Leopard print silk scarf is most ideal to be worn on a special occasion out in a cold night.

The top brands known are the leopard print infinity scarf and the Louis Vuitton black leopard print. Other brands you might know of or top brands on Amazon are Dangerfield, Pashima, Pinkstix and a lot more.

popular leopard print silk scarf

How To Wear Leopard Print Scarf In Style

Leopard Print Scarf can come in different styles and designs. Although scarf might look like a very simple piece of cloth, it is quite flexible. This is because its fabric, often cotton, can be wrapped or knotted quite easily. The scarf with leopard print can be worn in any occasion. Here are some ways to wear leopard print scarf in style.

  •  Loop It

There is what we call a single, double and triple loop styles in wearing the scarf around your neck. Now this would depend on the length of your scarf. Looping the scarf will only require one loop around your neck before settling the rest of the scarf to hang comfortably around your neck and shoulders. Double loop is achieved by tying the scarf to their ends before looping them around your neck making a cozier appeal.  Triple loop is done by looping the scarf twice around the neck before tucking one of the scarf ends to the other side.

  • Knot It

There are lots of ways to knot the scarf. You can wear the scarf like a neck tie. To achieve a neck tie look, just put on the scarf over your shoulders, create an open knot on the other side and slip the other side into it. Just adjust the scarf into the right tightness.

leopard print infinity black scarf with tassle

  • Put It Over Your Shoulder

This is actually the classic way to wear a leopard print scarf. This is done simply by putting the scarf over your shoulders and nothing more.

  • Wear It Like A Shawl

Big rectangular scarf is ideal to wear as a scarf. Just fold the scarf like a triangle and wear the scarf around your shoulders and tie the two ends together in a nice way.

  • Wear It Like A Vest

There is a chic way to wear a leopard print scarf like a vest. Just fold the scarf in four folds and tie the ends. This will form two big holes that will serve as arms hole. You can even accessorize it with belt to make it look like a nice loose vest atop a shirt or inner blouse.

  • Tuck It In Around Your Neck

There is a good way to tuck a long leopard print scarf around your neck. Just loop the scarf over and tuck both ends of the scarf across one side to the other.

Leopard print scarf can be worn with just about anything. Although there are dresses, shirt and skirt that will really go tremendously sexy with the scarf on. Just like neutral colored tanks with white jeans. This will create a very chic and casual appeal. The scarf with dark leather jacket, white trousers on pumps is a classic sexy look that you can certainly try to achieve.

classy tolani leopard print scarf

Leopard print scarf is also very sexy with blacks. You can wear it with black jeans or leggings together with lighter tops to have a very sexy and stylish casual look. The scarves also go well with thick cardigan and vest. You can also wear this with a denim or regular skirt with boots. Brown boots goes well with brown leopard print scarf with vest over a simple shirt atop a simple but short A-line skirt. Pumps, flats and boots go well with the scarf so you don’t have to worry about your footwear.

This is a must have scarf for women in all ages. From their 20s to 80s, the leopard print scarf can bring out the sexy and feminine appeal of a woman – no wonder this is an all time favorite.