The all-embracing fashion trends of today makes the people flaunt for their own identity through wearing signature brands and channeling certain looks that are currently popular. This is because of the fashion industry’s unceasing dedication to creating new ideas every season and releasing their own trademarks each and every year. People are very keen into fashion because of one reason: it allows for people to express themselves while looking attractive. But fashion is never complete with just clothes and shoes alone. That is why there are many popular accessories that men and women collect and shop.

You can definitely find many ideas to be always fashionable and attractive. The accessories vary for men and women. Here are the few popular accessories for both genders.

the best popular accessories

  • Handbag. In American English, this is called pouch or purse. This bag is from medium to large size, usually one of the popular accessories for women. But the handbag now becomes one of the large accessories not just for women but as well as for men. This is because the handbag can hold many personal items such as wallet, keys, cigarettes, mobile phones or large money. You can find many designers handbag for men such as the Bottega Veneta and Prada. Well-known companies now produce men’s and women’s handbags in various shapes and sizes.

  • Hats. For many years, men and women have benefitted from wearing hats. Not only do they protect from the rays of sun but now are used to accessorize the outfits. Hats are popular accessories because they are very useful not only for the main function but as well in styling. They have the power to transform a simple outfit into a statement one. Hats come in various styles – boho hats, fedoras, fishermen’s hats, etc. and they add their own unique flavor to any look.

trendy jewelry for women and men

  • Jewelry. Though jewelry is considered as the women’s domain, they are now very popular among the male population. Jewelries are used by women because they add beauty, attraction and make them striking. For men, they wear jewelries for masculine look and denote power. Men and women invest in trendy jewelry to accessorize their fashionable outfits. Common jewelries include bracelets, bangles, watches, necklaces and earrings. Many of these jewelries come in unisex designs. But one trend these days are couple jewelries, where each design comes in pairs – one a masculine design and the other, its softer, more feminine counterpart. This is especially popular among married couples who like to express their love in matching outfits, and yes, matching jewelries.

Here are some of the popular accessories for both genders. You can find more accessories that are used and very common to fashion industry.