Claddagh ring is jewelry of Celtic, Irish descent. It is made either with gold, silver or other metal with and without a gemstone and setting. These rings dates back to times of Queen Mary second and are very popular due to their rich history of design and making. They are made for various occasions with an example being a Claddagh engagement ring. An engagement is used for purposes of proposals, worn to mean that a person is spoken for.

Ways of wearing a Claddagh ring and meaning

Not many people know how to wear a Claddagh ring. What they need to understand is that in every way you wear this ring it means something. To begin with, we need to understand its design. A Claddagh ring is made of two hands clasping a crowned heart. Each item is a symbol of something. Below we see what a Claddagh ring meaning is.

cute claddagh ring

  • Appearing on either side of bands are hands which represents offering of service

  • A crowned heart indicates a token of love

  • Lastly a crown completes its design meaning loyalty

Above points show how intricate its design is and how meaningful the design was meant to be. In current times, these rings are worn to indicate a person’s emotional state depending on how it is worn. We look at various ways that a this ring can be worn and what it means.

  • To indicate that someone is yet to fall in love a Claddagh ring is worn on a right hand ring finger with crown of ring turned inside.

famous claddagh ring meaning

  • Wearing this ring with its crown turned outside indicates that an individual is engaged, this is how a Claddagh engagement ring should be worn.

  • If a wearer has found true love then a Claddagh ring is worn on left hand ring finger with the crown facing outwards.

This amazing ring is believed to have its origins in belief of trust, love and faith. Its first maker was said to be someone who persevered in waiting and longing for his home Ireland. A beautiful woman he left behind waited for him when he was taken captive and forced to work in slavery for a goldsmith. After slavery was abolished, he got an opportunity to go back home and luckily he found his lady still waiting for him. He presented her with a Claddagh ring he had made for her. It was known as a Royal Claddagh Ring and as a symbol of his undying love, affection and devotion to his lady.

Making a customized version can be done when you contact jewelry makers. Find one design/variation of the design that best suits you (or looks best on your ladylove) and get your own. One common and popular order that ring makers get are spoon rings. A spoon ring is a ring that, as its name indicates, is made of antique spoon handles. They make good variations for the exquisite Claddagh rings.