Most of you may not know it, but aside from the usual types of adhesives that you use in home or office, there are also different types of waterproof tapes and adhesives that may be of use to you. These waterproof tapes, usually adhesive,  may come single or double sided and are used in a wide range of uses – at home or on the road.

There are different types of waterproof tapes and adhesives available at most hardware stores, where you can get them custom ordered or ready-made in varying widths and colors. Additionally, waterproof tapes may also be purchased at building supply stores.

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Common Types of Waterproof Tapes and Adhesives

Below are some of the common types of waterproof tapes and adhesives and their respective uses and features.

1. Waterproof Duct Tape

This tape is not only used for home improvement and repair, but also in construction, industrial, and clothing applications like armors, prom wear, Halloween costumes, tuxes , and even wedding gowns. Waterproof duct tapes are cheap, safe, and can be applied easily at home. However, some people may have allergies to duct tape. When this happens, discontinue the use of this waterproof tape.

2. Plumber’s Tape

Obviously, plumbing needs proper waterproofing. And this is when a plumber’s tape comes in handy. Whether it is for a temporary fix or a permanent solution, this waterproof tape may also be used by construction workers for sealing window and door installations to avoid leakage and to temporarily cover holes and gaps that can easily be penetrated with water.

most plumbers used thread seal tape

3. Power Grab on a Roll

This waterproof adhesive is one of the strongest types of waterproof tapes and adhesives because of its capability to hold up to 100 pounds of weight. It looks like a double sided tape on the outside. But unlike double sided tapes, it is UV resistant, waterproof, and designed to carry heavier items like door knockers, framed pictures, and coat hooks. A conducted experiment also proved that Power Grab on a Roll can also hold a metal toolbox filled with heavy metal tools.

4. Silicone Tape

This non-adhesive material is one of the types of waterproof tapes and adhesives that is made from a self-fusing compound that sticks to itself. Unlike other tape adhesives, it is not used to bond one object to another – it is created to provide electrical insulation and waterproof seals in wrap-style applications on hoses, cables, and other electrical components.

To apply, one must stretch the silicone tape and wrap it to the object to create a seal. After 24 hours or so, the silicone forms a strong bond that is unbreakable.

5. Heat Shrink Tape

Made from cross-linked polyefin, the heat shrink tape comes in a roll form and is wrapped around the object to create a bond. What makes this tape unique is that it is backed by a dry adhesive that requires heat application to activate. Once the heat-applied adhesive cools, it forms a watertight bond that makes it great for repairing cables and preventing pipe corrosion.