Watch battery replacement cost is cheaper than most people expect it to be.  This is especially true at any jewelry and watch shop since they only charge for the new set of batteries while the service is free of charge.  Expensive watches may require professionals to do the service, and is even advisable to bring to authorized service centers only, but this will be costly. The average cost of watch battery replacement is less than five dollars. But this cost is mostly dependent on the brand and type of battery your watch will need.

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DIY Watch Replacement

Watch battery replacement for your digital watch is best when your watch stops working, or is slow, or the back light begins to fade. All you may need to do is replace the battery. Here, are some steps on how to change the battery of a digital watch;

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  • Know the battery that you need by checking at the back of the battery, which has three to four digits and shows which battery you will need. If you do not find this at the back of the battery, you can check the owner’s manual.
  • Open the back of the watch using a knife or a small screw driver. Work your way around the back of the watch until the back cover has been fully removed.
  • Remove the battery and replace it with the new one immediately; this is to save the watch memory. Leaving it for a long time may cause it to lose its memory.
  • Match the positive marks on the watch with the one on the battery.

If you have an expensive watch, it is better that you pay a professional to do the work for you. Watch battery replacement should be done by a professional if the back screws are tiny and require unique tools to open.

Watch Battery Replacement for Skagen Watches

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Skagen watch battery replacement is a bit challenging because of the care it requires. Most Skagen watches use snap-in a snap-out back. You will use a knife to pry it open. Do this on a soft towel in-case the battery falls off. Check the side of the battery that is facing the watch and replace it with the new one the same way. If you are still not sure about this Skagen watch repair process, you can take it to a professional so as to be sure.

skagen watch battery replacement

Waterproof watch battery replacement is not easy as other watch battery replacement procedures. This is because they are screwed down on the casing and are enclosed, by an internal casing, to provide maximum resistance underwater. To replace it, put the watch on a soft cloth and fit the adjustable wrench onto the slot, unscrew gently until all the screws are removed. Remove the clips that hold the battery using tweezers and displace it slightly and remove the battery. Secure the new batteries in and replace the back cover. Make sure it is tight enough for maximum water protection.