When it comes to buying a juicer or a blender, there is a huge variety to choose from. Some are lightweight that are optimum for everyday domestic use while there are those that are designed especially for commercial use and can be quite heavy weight. There are a number of prestigious brands out there that manufacture these juicers and blenders in various variants, all competing each other in terms of value and quality. Out of these, Vitamix is one such leading name in the cooking appliance industry that produces some of the best juicers and blenders both for commercial as well as domestic use. Among its top line products, the Vitamix juicer range is one of the most popular and high selling product range in the world. The Vitamix juice machine is an easy to use, state of the art juicer that makes healthy and the most delicious tasting juices in a matter of seconds.

Trendy And Popular Vitamix Juice Machine

Owing to their pristine engineering and crafty design, the Vitamix juicer-blender range is one of the most reliable set of appliances that can handle everyday’s blending and food processing needs quite efficiently. They are fitted with powerful motors that are quality tested and can easily handle heavy loads. The Vitamix 5000 is one of its working proof, as it is rated one of the most durable and reliable blenders of all time by its huge customer base.

Ideal for people who just want to enjoy a refreshing cold drink or a nutritious smoothie any time of the day, this mini marvel has ample amount of power to even crush ice quite easily. The Vitamix blender includes a variable speed control for different blending capabilities including ice crushing. Its laser cut, precision induced stainless-steel blades are designed for a long lasting blending experience. This sleek looking blender comes with a transparent jar that gives a mirror gloss finish and a seven year unmatched performance warranty.

Top Quality Vitamix 5000 Series Blender

The Vitamix juicer is an all in one solution for any home’s blending, extracting and food processing needs. It is a quality product that is manufactured with durable material and delivers an effective blending experience every time. Moreover, its compact shape and stylish designs are sufficient enough to make it the point of attraction in any kitchen or household. As a complimentary gift, the Vitamix juicer range comes with a “Live Fresh” recipe book along with an instructional video in a DVD format.