VGA cable, otherwise known as video graphics array cable, is a cord with connectors that is responsible for transmitting video data to a monitor. Today the market offers various options of VGA cable, which may be confusing to someone who has no knowledge of it. VGA has several versions, namely, XGA, SVGA and SXGA which offer greater resolutions.

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VGA cable has a number of benefits considering that it has been in use for quite a long time and is also incorporated in today’s equipments.

  • Most common video connection on equipments today is VGA; therefore, a VGA cable can connect to almost all of them.
  • With a VGA monitor cable, one is not necessarily required to install video drivers for graphics to display.
  • The cost of a VGA cable compared to other cables is favorable and affordable. It also serves its purpose well.
  • With a VGA Y-Splitter cable, one can have simultaneous display of same images from television screen to monitor or from one PC monitor to two monitors.

VGA Cable and Other Types of Cables

Fast development of technology has brought about other types of cables that perform the same functions as VGA. This comparison will also help you distinguish VGA cable from other cables. Here are a few of them.

  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) – DVI works with both analogue and digital types of video data transfer. They are known to support image resolutions of 1920×1200 and above compared to VGA cable, which supports 640×480 resolutions.
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI) – HDMI is popularly used with LCD and other equipments. HDMI is superior to VGA by far since it offers higher resolutions range.
  • Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) – SCSI cable can be used both internally and externally but features more numbers of pins depending on where it is connected.

It would not be difficult to identify each cable from one another like HDMI to VGA cable or DVI to VGA cable as the difference lies in the following:

  • VGA cable appears like a D square with 15 pins
  • HDMI cable has 19 pins on female port
  •  DVI cable is flat and rectangular with 24 pins

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With cables, one needs to understand what function they will serve an equipment so as not to be confused. When purchasing VGA cables, you should inquire about shielding. Cables are known to suffer from undesirable crosstalk, which basically means a cable is picking EMI from other cables or electrical devices. This affects image quality of a VGA cable, thus, double or triple shielding is preferred. Connect to almost all equipments with a versatile VGA cable.