Do you own a boat? Maybe you just work on them or you know someone who owns one. If you plan to work on the boat then spar varnish is one product you can’t do without. This type of varnish is made specifically for seaworthy vessels. Marine spar varnish helps protect the wood on a boat from the effects of water, salt, and general weather wear.

Even an oily wood like teak will benefit from the protection that spar varnish offers. You will experience reduced cracking and peeling of the wood.

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Uses For Spar Varnish

The primary use for spar varnish is routine protective application. Think of it as you think of car wax. You want to protect the paint of your vehicle from the damaging UV rays of the sun and help seal the paint. Well, a product such as Man O War spar varnish is just what’s needed to protect boat timber. Popular uses are below:

  • Outdoor Furniture Protection – For any of your porch or patio wood furniture. If you leave your furniture exposed to the elements then spar varnish will help you extend the furniture’s useful life.
  • Exterior Home Trim, Sills, And DecksAny of your woodwork outdoors including your deck can benefit from varnish applications.
  • Protection Of Boat Timber From UV Rays And Salt Water – For you, the yachtsman, the protection offered by Epifanes spar varnish will give you peace of mind. Protect your valuable marine vessel.

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Popular Brands And Their Features

It’s not only imperative that you use varnish but you have to know where to get it. The following brands carry high-quality varnish and receive positive reviews online:

  • Epifanes Spar Varnish – For a high-gloss finish with ultra U.V. absorption, you’ll want this spar varnish. It is a globally recognized brand name and an application dries in 12 hours.
  • Cabot Stain – This varnish can protect fiberglass and metal in addition to wood surfaces. It is a relatively fast-drying varnish and offers a high gloss and strong layer of protection for your wood.
  • Benjamin Moore Spar Varnish – The Impervo brand is the umbrella name used for the Benjamin Moore spar varnish. It can be used on exterior metal surfaces and lawn furniture as well as boats.
  • Rustoleum – The famous rust prevention spray offers a great spar varnish. Features of this varnish include U.V. resistance, anti-mildew, and superior salt protection.

Browse their websites and keep an eye out for varnish sales and discounts to save some money on your yacht coatings.

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Safety Precautions

For your safety, protective gear is recommended. You should always make certain that you apply any spar varnish in a well-ventilated area. If you find you’re applying the varnish in an enclosed area, wear a face mask to help filter out the fumes. In tight spaces a respirator may be required. Also, wear gloves when applying the varnish with any type of rag or cloth that you use. Eye protection is always recommended when dealing applying varnish as splashes can damage the eye.

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