The different types of womens sweaters are classified according to the model of their neck or knits and fabric used. They come in various colors and patterns. They maybe short, medium or long in length.

Womens Sweaters Kinds

1.)  According to neck design:

Polo Neck Personalized Sweatshirts

a.)    Polo neck sweaters: These sweaters are equipped with a collar that is raised and fits around the neck. It either comes with 2-3 buttons or a short zipper near the neck.

b.)    Turtleneck sweater: They are similar to the polo neck sweaters but the collar is folded back with a slightly loose fitting around the neck. The turtle neck sweater collars sometimes come up to the ears.

c.)    V-neck sweater: The neckline comes in V-shape and these types of womens sweaters can be worn over a collared shirt in formal setting.

d.)   Crew neck sweaters: They have a round neckline and are collarless. These types of womens sweaters are also worn alone over pair of jeans or formal trousers.

e.)    Shawl neck sweaters: These types of womens sweaters are open down front or come with a curved collar. They can be worn over short dresses, formal attire and casually.

f.)  Boat neck sweaters: As the name implies, they come with a widely cut neckline, which a woman can wear as off her shoulders. These can be paired with tights if they are long enough, or alternatively, with jeans and sleeveless top.

2.) According to Knit Pattern or Fabric:

Cashmere Personalized Sweatshirt

a.)    Cashmere sweaters: It is made from the fabric obtained from Cashmere goat. It is soft and strong at the same time. It is light-weight.

b.)    Cardigan: This sweater is either knitted by hand or by machine. It is made from cotton, wool, cashmere or synthetic blends. It has a round or V neckline and either come with buttons or zip down front.

c.)    Aran sweater: They are made from the wool of sheep. These types of womens sweaters are hand-knit or machine-knit. Hand-knit sweater have traditional complex stitch patterns on coarse wool while machine-knit Aran sweaters are made from fine wool with simple stitch patters.

d.)   Argyle sweater: This is a knitting pattern that comes with overlapping diamond shapes on diagonal lines. It is made from wool.

e.)    Fair Isle sweater: These types of womens sweaters are knitted using multiple color wool yarns.

3.) Some Other Types of Womens Sweaters:

a.)    Boyfriend sweater: This is an over-size sweater with a V-neck and button down front.

b.)  Poncho sweater: This is made from wool fabric and is a single-piece pull-over sweater. It comes with full sleeves or are sleeveless. It is best paired with jeans or a pair of tights.

c.)  Shrug sweater: It is similar to a cropped jacket but it is made from wool. It may come with full or short sleeves and can be paired with dresses and t-shirts.

d.)  Vest sweater: It is sleeveless and is either button down or zipped. It is made from light-weight wool.

e.)  Sweatshirts: These are made from cotton and are knitted. Personalized sweatshirts that are custom knitted with custom design that are available for women. They usually come with hoods.