There are a number of reasons why a homeowner might be interested in buying water pumps for general usesome mundane, some only for extreme cases. Perhaps a gardener wants to add a series of ponds to expand the scenery in a backyard wilderness; others may simply need an emergency pump for when rain begins to collect in their basement. In any case, there is an incredible amount of variety in the kind of pumps a homeowner could buy: differing prices, use, size, and efficiency, just to name a few. It will be helpful to review some of the standard water pumps for general use that are available and to understand their typical uses.

purposeful water pumps for general use

Standard Types Of Water Pumps For General Use

  • Transfer Pump
    This is a standard device that can be used to move a substance from one place to another–while they are commonly used for water, specialized pumps will also move substances like oil or gas. Essentially, they consist of a pump with two long tubes on either side: the pump then works to move a substance through these tubes. Common uses include moving water towards a garden or emptying a pool. Standard transfer pumps can be found on the market for around $75, and will be able to move around 360 gallons of water per hour. 

helpful transfer pump

  • Sump Pump
    A sump pump is typically employed in an extreme case: when the basement of a home begins to fill with water, a sump pump can be placed in this area to remove it. The water will be pumped away to a better receptacle, whether that be a sewer (usually now discouraged) or a natural water source. Sump pumps will probably run slightly more expensive than more basic pumps, but the cost will be worth it in the case of home flooding. For approximately $200, one can expect to have a reliable sump pump that removes water at 500 gallons per hour.
  • Gardening Pumps
    While transfer pumps and sump pumps are usually used for specific situations, water pumps for general use will also be helpful in everyday gardening situations. Homeowners with small ponds will want to ensure that they have a steady supply of water; otherwise, their backyard will be more desert than pond. Other water pumps for general use in gardens will have filtering systems to maintain water cleanliness. Size and price for garden pumps is completely reliant on the size of the body of water they serve; small, 66 gallon per hour pumps may be only $20, while larger, 4950 gallon per hour pumps may be closer to $200.

Factors To Consider

Clearly, there are a number of questions that one must consider before buying water pumps for general use:

  • Will this pump be used to move only water, or will it be employed for other substances (like gas)?
  • How quickly will the pump need to be used to move water?
  • Will the pump be used continuously or only in special circumstances?

There are many different options for water pumps on the market for a variety of different uses and price ranges. One will need to think carefully about their specific needs and budget as they invest in a water pump.