There are several types of SCSI connectors available. SCSI connectors are those which are used to connect the SCSI cable to any SCSI device. There are several different types of connectors, which are used for constructing these cables. If there is one or more type of connectors for an interface, then there exists a potential for mismatched connectors between the devices. Different types of SCSI connectors have evolved over the last few years as the SCSI interface has matured. The desire for the miniaturization has driven the creation of the new connector types. In the older days, the types of SCSI connectors which were used were larger. Nowadays, we have got small connectors which are helping in the usability of the SCSI cable and devices.

Three major types of SCSI connectors are discussed below. All these types are mostly used with the SCSI cable in the PC. Almost all cables in the SCSI world may be using any of the connector types. Different types of SCSI connectors are said as “alternatives” by the SCSI standards. Different external and the internal cables will use different connectors. Each of them will have four distinct “alternatives.”

most common d-shell scsi connector

Types Of Exterior Connectors

  • D-Shell

The name of this connector has come from the D shaped metal shell which goes around the pin of the male half of the connector. This one was used for narrow implementation of SCSI. The design of it is identical to the 25 pin or 9 pin D shell connectors, which are used for the serial and parallel connections for PCs. However, this is one is much bigger. This type of connector was large and also cumbersome.

  • Centronics

This is a 50-pin connector which was named Centronics connector. This is actually the name of one of the popular printers, which first used this type of connector. Instead of the thin pins, Centronics uses two rows of flat contacts. In order to hold the connecter in proper place, two latches are used on the either sides. These types of SCSI connectors are still used for the printer cables of the PCs.

  • High Density(HD)

These types of SCSI connector replaced the D-shell connectors. There is no difference with this connector from the oldest D shell, the space between the pins are reduced making the connector smaller and cheaper. This one was also easy to use. Nowadays, these are used by several hardware devices. They do not use Centronic style latches; instead “squeeze to release” mechanism was used.

  • Very High Density Cable Interconnects:

These types of SCSI connectors were made to improve the flexibility of the SCSI hardware. These are called as “micro -Centronics” as it uses the similar design of Centronic connectors. The contact in this is smaller and closer. The small size of it is making it more popular.

very high density cable interconnects scsi cable

Types Of Interior Connectors

  • Regular Density

This connector has 25 pins in the two rows which are rectangular. These types of SCSI connectors are found in older devices and some slower drives.

  • High Density

Pins in these connectors are placed closer, and thereby it is extremely smaller in size. These are the most common connectors which are used in the PC boxes nowadays.

These are all about the major types of SCSI connectors.