A duffel bag is a long bag, which is closed at the top with a draw string. It is made of different fabrics and it originated from Belgium. Other countries adopted it and made major development to the original type like using of zips and rollers. They are common in sports and military activities to carry their equipment. There are various types of duffle bags. These bags are used for luggage and are made of different materials. However, there are main categories of these bags.

Types of Duffle Bags

  • The wheeled duffle bags are those that have built in wheels. They are good for those bags that are too heavy to carry. The people who travel around with no single specific resting place also need it to commute around since it is stress free. One can make it rest at any point. They are made of polyester and they have retractable handle.

Top Brands of Duffle Bags products

  • There are lightweight bags that are used to carry lightweight luggage. They can also be used by kids for carrying different stuff in them. They are also used by cyclists who are going to far distances.

  • Hand luggage duffle bags are carried in the passenger compartments in a plane, train or busses. These are supposed to carry lightweights since they have a limited space.

  • Sports duffle bags are bags created specifically for sporting activities. They are mostly made of vinyl or polyester so that they can handle wet and stinky clothes. They have a hard bottom to make it durable enough to carry heavy loads such as a bowling ball.

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  • There are a lot of choices when it comes to the materials used in making duffle bags such as leather, cotton and suede among others. There are also waterproof materials inside that prevent anything that has spilled from leaking.

  • Kids duffle bags are normally stronger than the other duffle bags to make them last longer. They are made of polyester and leather and lined with nylon. They are made of different colors and pictures likely to interest the child. They have two shoulder straps or even back wheels. There are different sizes with an adequate space in the inner compartment.

  • There are Eco friendly duffle bags, which is the newest idea in the market. These are made of recycled or organic material. Some of the organic types are natural cottons and bamboo. They have the eco friendly signs as a show off.

Whichever duffle bag you need, you can always be sure that there are many selections available in the market for you to choose from. So hurry and grab one now!