Nike makes sports shoes for men and women both. Women can also wear most of the shoes worn by men but there is a specific range for women too. There is also the unisex category for you to choose from. However, men’s shoes differ from Nike sports shoes for women in many ways. While it is okay to wear men’s shoes, it is ideal to choose based on gender because of the design, the fit, and the size.

Reliable Nike Sports Shoes For Women

Comparison of Nike Sports Shoes for Women and Men

Here are some of the ways in which they differ:

  • The Fit

Men’s shoes designed by Nike have the same width at the heel as well as the forefoot. In Nike sports shoes for women, however, the heel is narrower and the forefoot is broader more often than not. Thus if you have wide feet, you can choose men’s sports shoes instead. If you have normal feet though, you should select as per gender so that you are more comfortable. Differences also lie in the height and the arch length.

  • The Size

You have to be very careful about the size when it comes to Nike sports shoes for women because they are always a size smaller. What is size 7 for men will be size 8 for women. This is applicable for sizes 7 and above. Below 7, all the sizes are the same. If you have any problem, you can always check the size conversion chart available on their official website in order to be sure. If you choose to buy from the store, you can have your feet measured, try the shoes on and pick the pair that fits the best.

Air Max Nike Running Shoes For Women

  • The Style

There are many different styles of Nike sports shoes for women including Nike running shoes for women, tennis shoes for women, and athletic shoes for women. You can buy based on your requirements. Remember that each style is designed with specificity. You must thus always buy the appropriate model. The styles also vary based on gender. While men’s shoes are vibrant, women’s are mellow, with warm colors. All shoes are, simple and clean. The color palette is the main difference between both genders. There are more variations for women than for men.

The varieties of sports shoes for men are more than Nike sports shoes for women. However, this should not deter you. The brand offers all the essential types of sports shoes for women. You can easily purchase those, which fit you and your requirements, the best.

Nike Vomero is among the top brands because it offers not just perfect design and fit but also very high quality and comfort. Nike is a reliable and trustworthy brand.