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Various Popular Types of Scarves | Content Injection

Used as a fashion accessory and as a way to keep warm, scarves have become popular over the years and can be worn during all seasons. They can also be worn for religious and cultural reasons. There are various types of scarves, which are made of different materials.

What is a Scarf?

A scarf is simply a piece of fabric worn around the neck for either fashion or comfort. They come in many different styles, which we will go over in the list below. All scarves are equally gorgeous, however, some are more popular than others. Below we highlight some of the different popular types of scarves, the fabrics used, and the prints and patterns that may be found on them.

Popular Types of Scarves in the Market Today

Pashmina Scarves

These popular types of scarves are made from pure wool and usually soft and smooth to touch. There are known for their warmth and are commonly worn in winter, but can also be worn during warm months since the fabric is breathable. These scarves can be worn as shawls and are dyed with different colors in order to suit the styles and preferences of different people.

cozy popular types of scarves

Bandana Scarves

These types of scarves are usually worn around the neck and also can serve as a headscarf. Originally made to look like an oversize handkerchief, the bandana was made famous by robbers and gangsters who used it to cover their faces. Today, they are worn as a casual wear accessory and are popularly worn in summer months. The common material used to make bandana is cotton since it is both light and breathable.

Pareo Sarong Scarves

These particular types of scarves are usually worn by people of both sexes and also with people of all ages. These scarves can be worn as an accessory to your cloth or it can be worn alone as a sarong. This kind of scarf is originally from Tahiti and comes in bright colors and patterns.

Silk Scarves

Like the name suggests, these popular types of scarves are made of silk and usually gives the wearer a much-sophisticated look. Made of fine texture, these scarves come in different colors and are usually worn around the neck. They can also be worn around the head to prevent the hair from harsh elements like the wind. Silk is an expensive choice of material but provides a lot of luxury to the wearer. Hand-painted silk scarves are very much in demand at the moment and carry a premium. 

Loop Scarves

These popular types of scarves are also known as the infinity scarves because of their long length. The infinity scarves are made of various materials and range from simple designs to sophisticated designs. Some of these scarves are light enough to be worn during summer months while others are thick enough to wear during winter.

fashionable infinity scarves

Cotton Scarves

Thin cotton which is either plain or printed like voile is used to make very beautiful scarves. Due to the very lightweight nature of this type of fabric, cotton scarves make a great accessory for during the summer. Cotton scarves easily stay in place and they are great for tying in all different styles.

Chiffon Scarves

Chiffon fabric is a very thin, lightweight, and drapey type of material. This means that chiffon scarves are great for tying around the neck without worrying about them being too bulky. Chiffon scarves often come with trims along the edges such as lace. These trims can be found either just on the shorter ends alone or sometimes along all four sides of the scarf.

Net Scarves

Net fabrics are perfect for creating beautiful scarves. The best kinds of net fabrics are made up of smooth and fine types of net fabrics such as tulle as opposed to scratchy synthetic net materials. Trims can be added to a net scarf such as chains, sequins, or laces along the edges.

Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere is the ultimate choice in luxury. It can be extremely difficult to get hold of original cashmere shawls. Cashmere can be difficult to take care of, so this is something to bear in mind when choosing the right scarf for you.

Velvet Scarves

Velvet is a very thick and heavy fabric with pile, so a scarf that is made up completely of velvet is not usually a very good idea. A full velvet scarf would be best saved for the winter months as it could get very warm. Thinner tube-styles scarves made up of velvet are the ideal choice.

Plaid Scarf

Plaid is a type of scarf with a tartan chequered pattern. It is made up of a woolen fabric. A plaid scarf is a great choice of scarf for wearing in the winter months as these scarves can provide a lot of warmth.

Chequered Fabric Scarf

Chequered pattern scarves, along with tartan scarves, tend to be the most popular scarf choices by men. There are many different types of chequered pattern scarves. The most popular types tend to be made from cotton. Chequered pattern scarves tend to be more popular among men than women.

Hand Knitted Woolen Scarves

Hand knitted scarves are very unique and provide a lot of warmth. People are often given hand knitted woolen scarves as gifts as people like to knit things for other people. A hand knitted woolen scarf can be one of the warmest and comfiest scarves, so are best worn around the winter months.

Crinkled Crepe Scarves

A crinkled or crushed type of fabric can provide a lot of depth, so these types of scarves are great when in one solid color. A lot of crinkled or crushed fabric scarves have fringe or lace trims to add more texture to them.

Scarves With Tassels

Some scarves have tassels or pompoms added along the edges for a more interesting and colorful look. These additions can be on either one side of the scarf, along two sides of the scarf, or along all four sides of the scarf. These additions make a simple scarf much more interesting.

Animal Print Scarves

Animal prints are a very popular scarf design. It is a very fashionable pattern that can go with many different outfits. Animal print scarves can come in many different materials and styles, and will always add a fashionable touch to your outfit.

Fleece Scarves

Fleece is quite a thick fabric and it does not fray so it can be quite easy to make a fleece scarf. The thickness of the fabric provides a lot of warmth and so a fleece scarf would be best worn around the winter season.

What to Consider When Buying Scarves

There are various popular types of scarves found in the market. When buying a scarf, it is important to know the type of scarf you find suitable. The other things to consider when buying a scarf include the following:

  • Know whether you want a head or neck scarf. Different types of scarves are suitable for different wears. There are some scarves that can be worn for both around the neck or over the head.

  • You should consider when you want to wear the scarf. You should have something that would be suitable for both summer and winter

  • When buying a scarf, it is important to buy a scarf that would suit the outfits you have in your wardrobe. Get a scarf that can easily be accessorized with your outfit.

Types of Scarves: Conclusion

Now that you know the different types of scarves, it is up to you to decide which amongst of these scarves are appropriate to your style and preference. Do you have a favorite style of scarf or a favorite material of scarf? How often do you wear scarves? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please leave us a comment in the section below this article.