When you are going somewhere, having something to wear for your legs is a vital part, especially during cold seasons. As of the moment, tights are getting popular not only to celebrities but also to women who adore fashion. They are not well love leg wear that matches the outfits of any type. You can have wide range of choice of tights and the most popular designer tights are one of them. You will definitely have hard time picking something for yourself.

Popular Designer Tights for Women

  • Coco Chanel Tights. One of the trendiest tights is this brand that is popular during winter and autumn seasons. For many years now, Coco Channel has been inspired not only with clothes but also with tights featuring their ripped style tights. Their products are timeless and classical.

the most popular designer tights

  • Marc Jacobs Tights. For Marc Jacobs, tights are now part of the fashion and should always be paired with the colorful dresses of fall. Celebrities now use Marc Jacobs tights and are frequently seen wearing tights during movies, show or TV interviews. They are now the trendiest fashion people look for into wearing.

  • Juicy Couture Tights. Juicy couture is one of the popular designer tights, which have large collections for every women. You can shop the latest designs at any stores, online retailers or even at your local area.

What to wear with your popular designer tights?

  • Dresses. A dress that is above your knees can be good to pear with your tights. Dress that falls below the knees may not look good if you wear tights.

  • Roomy shirts. For that lovely and trendy attire, wearing roomy shirt that won’t reach the middle of the thighs might be nice to wear together with your tights. Avoid wearing a shirt that is fit.

best black tights for womenblack tights

  • Tunic. You can pick a tunic for your tights that will fall past over your rear and hips. When you wear a tunic above the hip, you will look like you are going to go to gym. You can wear it with a belt to have a good match.

Cheap Brands of Tights

  • L’eggs. This brand, though cheap produces soft, silky and ideal for everyday activity tights. You can buy them for about 4 to 6 dollars. Usually, black tights are the common products.

  • Bobbie Brooks. This is also a brand that sells tights at an affordable price. Though cheap, the product is nice and fairly durable to wear.

Now that you have an idea on how to wear your black tights as well choices of popular tights, head on to your nearest store and pick the ones that suit your budget.