A Pashmina scarf is often misunderstood as the common scarf. There are certain differences between the two, however. Pashmina originated in Kashmir, in India and is still very popular among the natives of Kashmir. It is thus also famous as the Pashmina cashmere scarf. Slowly, these scarves took over the world and today, you can see numerous styles, patterns like the leopard print scarf, materials and colors of Pashmina scarves.

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Features And Uses Of Pashmina Scarf

Here is more about this scarf and how it differs from the standard scarf:

  • The main difference between a standard scarf and a Pashmina scarf is that the latter is larger. It is both wider and longer and this is one reason behind its versatility. You can wear these scarves as a sash, a cloak or a toga. There are some who even like wearing these as a top.
  • The Pashmina scarf is made from special wool that is obtained from the goats living in Kashmir. The wool which forms the under layer of the goat’s skin is extremely fine. The thinness of the wool makes it important to be woven only by hand.
  • Even though it looks very fragile and delicate, the scarf can keep you warm and comfortable during harsh winters. This is surprising for many and this attribute of finesse as well as warmth makes the scarf the perfect addition to the wardrobe.
  • Men usually use scarves in order to stay warm without looking too feminine. Too many layers are thus avoided by men. Hence there are smaller scarves in this category that fit the bill perfectly for men. Thus, a smaller Pashmina scarf is an ideal gift for a man who loves skiing or who works outdoors each day of the year.
  • The Pashmina scarf mainly stands out because of the bold and bright colors that it offers. However, if you are not the kind that actually likes too many patterns and bold colors, you could opt for the simple yet elegant black Pashmina scarf which is a timeless classic. Other simple options are maroon, navy blue and brown.
  • A Pashmina silk scarf is an ideal gift for a teenager too because it looks great on skirts and tunics. A blue colored Pashmina scarf would be the perfect color because it is vibrant and stylish.
  • There are numerous ways to wear the Pashmina scarf right from simply draping it around your neck and shoulders to protecting yourself from the cold wind by wearing it as a shawl.
  • There are so many different designs that you will easily find something that will go well with your outfit regardless of whether your outfit is traditional or modern.

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Even though it has undergone numerous changes, the functionality of the scarf remains the same. It is stylish, fashionable and very useful and is thus a must-have.