In the U.S., various utility sinks types and styles can be found mainly in homes and business premises. Ideally, utility sinks are used for preliminary cleaning before the person proceeds to another cleaning stage. They can be seen in laundry cleaning areas where they are used to soak and wash soiled clothing. They are also found in work stations where they may be used for a specific project. Apart from these two locations, utility sinks can also be found in garages, basements, mudrooms and other locations that require a durable and heavy duty sink. These sinks are made using a variety of materials such as cast iron, plastic and stainless steel making them all the more versatile as they are able to match varying functions and styles. They play a significant and multipurpose role at home and in the workplace.

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Most utility sinks types and styles can be correctly identified by their deep depth. Most of them are elevated up to the waist level which eliminates back strains and discomfort during use. According to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), the installation of a utility sink made of any other material has to be preceded by a thorough study of the associated pros and cons such as convenience, usefulness and additional plumbing. Utility sinks when installed in homes are mainly used to clean up after a gardening stint, a painting project or an auto repair project such as changing tires and oil. They are equipped with water faucets that discharge hot and cold water.

Utility Sinks Types and Styles

Acrylic and stainless steel are the most common types of utility sinks. Acrylic utility sinks are quite popular due to their classic and elegant looks. They offer an easy and practical drop-in installation which adds to their popularity. These sinks also come with an interior well that is deep and smooth. The white acrylic material is durable and quite attractive. They are mainly installed in bathrooms together with bathroom vanity or solid surface tops.

The stainless steel utility sink is a common installation especially in kitchens where their nonstick finish is highly desirable. Of all utility sinks types and styles, the stainless steel type has the longest lifespan especially when routine maintenance of hardware installation accessories is observed regularly. They are mainly available as self-rimming utility sinks. If you love to work in an extra deep basin, then you will never go wrong with the self-rimming sink. It offers additional functionality in the form of a washboard that is equipped with a wire rack and a soaking pan.

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When looking into the various utility sinks types and styles, it is important to identify whether they are single or double utility sinks. Single utility sinks are ideal for cleaning mud stained boots and shoes, rugs, pets and other over-sized items that may be too large for the conventional washer. On the other hand, double utility sinks are best used for cleaning delicate items that may require thorough soaking before being forwarded to the washer and large pieces of cloth. Whatever utility sink that you choose, make sure to purchase a quality sink for an effective use.