There are many uses of plasma torch such as for cutting steel and various other metals. This electrical device converts gas to plasma in order to melt through metal and to cut it more accurately, faster, and cheaper than the conventional oxy-acetylene torch. The following will highlight other ways to use this device. You can as well look at some of the different types of plasma torch.

Different Uses Of Plasma Torch

The Role Of Plasma Torh

A plasma torch functions effectively for welding and cutting. The plasma welding torches generally have high quality speeds and performance to form welding with pore-free seams. Compressed air is enough for most metals, but argon or nitrogen can be used when working with stainless steel and any other exotic metal.

These tools are equipped with a:

  • Nozzle, with electrode at the back
  • Regular electrical cord
  • Gas source (bottled gas or air/air compressor)
  • Gas or air chamber


Two Major Uses Of Plasma Torch


  • The construction and automotive industries:

A computer numerical control or CNC plasma torch is used in automotive to make custom shapes for frames or chassis as well as to cut the larger steel beams. Most of the CNC torches are expensive and will be designed to use in larger shops like an automobile factory. But, there are also cheaper and smaller plasma torch models available for craftsmen and smaller shops.

  • Individual craftsmen:

Due to fact that this device cuts accurately and is versatile, it is perfect for making jewelry, ornamental iron, and metal art work. The hand-operated models are usually used by craftsmen because they are inexpensive and small.


Where To Buy A Cheap Plasma Torch

Types Of Plasma Torches


  • Handheld Torch: This torch can be used on both thick and thin materials. This device is usually used to cut steel plate up to 51mm or 2 inches thick.
  • HF Contact: This device uses a higher voltage and frequency to ionize air all through the head of the torch in order to initiate an arc. Since the torch has to connect with the material in the beginning, this device is not the ideal application, which requires computer numerical controlled cutting.
  • Computer Controlled Torch: This device is much stronger than the handheld model and can easily cut steel that is 150 mm or 6 inches thick. One of the most effective uses of plasma torch is to cut metal sheets in angled or curve shapes.
  • Pilot Arc: This device uses two cycles to produce plasma without the need for contact at the start. A low current circuit with high voltage is used in the initial stages to get a small spark with high-intensity in the torch body and then generate a small amount of plasma gas or pilot arc.


Keep in mind that these are just some of the many uses of plasma torch. If you are planning to buy one of these devices, it is important to do some research as well as check for the availability of replacement parts such as electrodes, air filters and nozzles.

Also, when choosing a torch, the most important thing to consider is the size that it is required to cut. Some other factors include the plasma torch features, material thickness and cutting speed. In addition, the size of a plasma torch will determine the air pressure capacity, so this is has to be considered before making a purchase.