These days’ dressers are quite a common feature in the bedroom, living room, the kitchen and the bathroom too thanks to the numerous uses of dressers. The sizes of the dressers are varied so are their shapes. An average dresser may feature 6-8 drawers; many dressers are wider and less tall. You can make a dresser work for you in any way that you like, it all depends on the location of the dresser and the ideas you have on making it work.

Dressers are commonly available in wood finishes of oak, pine, cherry and maple; due to versatility you can get dressers in color finishes. The color dresses add a splash of zest to the room they are placed in. There are people who have literally resulted to putting dressers in every room just because of their precise functional and beautiful nature. If dressers are an obsession to you then some of these uses of dressers such as these might come as no news. For those looking to adding dressers to their home here are a few of the most common uses of dressers.

The Variety of Uses for a Dresser

simple tall dresser

Storage -The main uses of dressers is to store things. You can use the dresser to store your clothes; it facilitates organizing in your room too. With a storage facility like this you can never go wrong in sorting out your clothes. You can find a tall dresser if your storage need is diverse and huge.

  • Interior décor-You can use a dresser to add onto the interior décor of the home, how do you do these? Interior décor should be color and stylish inspired, if your room is more modern then you can go for a simple dresser. If you are shabby chic and funky the colored dressers are for you. Make you dresser define your home by choosing a good design and style to make it the focal point of the room.
  • Bathroom vanity-You can use the dresser as a bathroom vanity, organize your towels and bathroom accessories in there and still pull off having this furniture in the bathroom. If your bathroom already has a vanity, it will not be a good idea to place one in there especially if the bathroom is small.
  • Organizing crafts-You can use the dresser to display your artifacts and craft pieces. You can also place pictures and flower vases just to make it vivid.
  • Media cabinet-The dresser can be used to store media files such as CD’S and magazines. You can use it uniquely by placing your TV on top or mounting on the wall above the dresser.

How to Make a Dresser Work for You

amazing uses of dressers

Use interior décor inspirations-The furniture type, color of the walls and the designs of the floor can guide you into getting a dresser that works for you. If you are planning to put a dresser in the living room, you can stick to the traditional wood finishes such as pine and oak.

Bold and striking colors to highlight your room- A little contrast is perfect for the bedroom, play around with colors by going for a colored dresser and see how perfect it will be in contribution to the décor of the home. Striking colors such as red, orange, blue and green are perfect especially if your wall characterizes one of those colors.

With the numerous uses of dressers and how to go about selecting an appropriate one you have got to get several pieces of these for your home. This is undoubtedly a magnificent piece if you customize it in the best way. You not only get function but also style.