A preventive action for air pollution is air purification or air filtering. Air filtering is practiced by using air filters that remove the unwanted particles from the air by significant amounts and the uses of air filters extend beyond purification. This conclusion may lead people to ask what are the uses of air filters.

Domestic Uses Of Air Filters

Air filters are devices that function as air purification devices in order to help with the cleansing of the atmosphere. They are used in such places where the need for quality air far exceeds that in the normal atmosphere. The uses of air filters are however not limited to purification. They are also used to help with the prevention of the transference of airborne diseases thus providing huge medical benefits along with health care and prevention. They are now also being employed in the modern refrigerators to prevent the spread of odor from one shelf to the other. This is because the odor of a particular item spreads with the air. Thus, if an efficient is purification system is installed, then this problem can also be minimized or even eliminated altogether.

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Industrial Uses Of Air Filters

There are also other uses of air filters besides medical and domestic uses. They are also employed in industries to help regulate air flow and to ensure that the air that is used to drive their machinery is pure. Since the industrial applications are more exposed to problems, an efficient and sturdy air purification system has to be used in order to ensure that the air being delivered to the machine is pure. The uses of air filters are in no way limited to air purification but are the back bone of the steel industry and the coal power industry, which employ large boilers and heat exchangers. Heat exchangers help to maintain the temperature by properly regulating the air. However the air that is regulated has to be pure to an extreme extent. A small impurity o the order of 1 micron reduces the efficiency heavily.

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Quality Of Air Filters

The best air filters that are available in the market are Air Bear filters. Although there are a lot of variety available but seldom work as quietly and as effectively as the Air Bear’s filters. They employ the use of carbon fiber parts that help to minimize the noise and heating element of the coolers in the air purification system thereby minimizing losses of the overall system and increasing the overall efficiency. An air purification system now serves as one of the fundamentals in an established industry because it serves as a preventive measure that helps to avoid accidents and losses and thus providing huge profits in the forms of savings.