Females are the primary users of ribbons. They know how to distinguish between the different varieties and types of ribbon on the market.

Uses of Ribbons

different types of ribbon

The varied ways by which the different types of ribbon have been employed across different areas of the society has lead to this item receiving such prominence in the world of arts and crafts. Here are some uses of ribbons.

  • Ribbons can be used on almost any part of the body although they are primarily used to tie the hair.
  • They are also part of a female outfit like tops and skirts.
  • The fact that ribbons are used as decorative pieces by females does not take away the important role ribbons play when it comes to decorating other things like buildings or parcels.
  • It is even common to find ribbons imprinted in the flags and coat of arms of certain nations and institutions.
  • Ribbons are used during special events like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies and even medal presentations during games. . In such big events, one may have to purchase bulk ribbons in order to save cost.

Irrespective of the purposes to which an individual wants to use ribbons, the person may choose from a wide range of these ribbons that are available on the market.

creatively made bulk ribbon

Types of Ribbons

For anyone looking to know more about ribbons, it is worth noting that there can be several types of ribbon based on the material used in the manufacturing process. Ribbons can be made from:

  • Fabric
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Even though ribbons can be made from any of these materials, it is very common for one to come across plastic or fabric made ribbons than to be introduced to ribbons made from metal.

When ribbons are employed for decorative purposes, their natural ability to remain curled up enhances their beauty. Furthermore, the most ideal ribbons should be flexible and durable in order to stand the test of the occasion. These are the reasons that have necessitated the adoption of fabric made ribbons as the most suitable types of ribbon to be used for all ornamental purposes. Plastic ribbons offer less flexibility compared to fabric ribbons. However, they are more flexible than those made of metal.

Fabric Ribbons

Fabric ribbons have subgroups based on the fabrics that are used to manufacture them. Each fabric type has its own set of qualities that will enhance the performance of the ribbon in executing its assigned task. Some of the most common fabric ribbons that can be found on the market are:

  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Silk
  • Grosgrain
  • Chiffon

It can be quickly realized that these fabrics are well noted for their excellent physical properties. This is a clear manifestation of the fact that ribbons need to be made from the highest quality material. In the textile business, the production of the different types of ribbons entails a lot of hard work in order to come out with these brightly colored decorative pieces. Tie up your hair or spice up the decor of the room by incorporating ribbons in the picture.