Flame resistant or fire retardant clothing is no more worn only by fire fighters. Back in time, this clothing used to be very bulky and uncomfortable. However, these days there are clothes that are quite comfortable and light. They look like normal clothing and this is why they are gaining more popularity today. A fire may break out at any time and in a few professions, the risk of a fire is very high. For people working in such professions, fire retardant clothing is the best bet. Here are a few benefits of this kind of clothing.

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Benefits Of Fire Retardant Clothing

  • The first and obvious benefit is that it retards fire. While ordinary clothing can catch fire in seconds, fire retardant clothing will take very long, giving you enough time to escape the peril. Thus you will be saved from severe burns which could even lead to death in some cases.
  • Good quality fire retardant clothing is made from modacrylic material which is very difficult to catch fire. There are some types of clothing made from wool, silk and other protein fibers. While these are also hard to catch fire, they are not very safe or practical. Polyester and nylon also don’t catch fire quickly but the degree of protection is very limited. The risk with polyester is that it burns even after the fire is extinguished. This can lead to severe burns. Thus appropriate clothing is very important.
  • One reason why fire retardant clothing is so effective is that the fire is not fuelled. It works in the opposite manner and starves the flame by not allowing any oxygen. Thus, the fire will die quickly and you won’t be harmed. Also, the fabric cools down and you can touch it without harming yourself.


As aforementioned, fire retardant clothing is used not just by fire fighters by many people today who work in areas or professions that carry the risks of a fire. Here are some of the professions:

  • Commercial Kitchens

A commercial kitchen not only contains fire but also highly flammable substances like alcohol, various types of oils and liquids that can easily catch fire. The chefs and the assistants working in the kitchen must thus wear fire retardant clothing to be safe.

  • Electricians

Those who work with electricity are also at very high risk of a fire. Such clothing is thus ideal for them too.

  • Laboratories

Scientists and lab assistants usually wear such clothing while working with volatile chemicals. Along with coveralls, today you can find gloves and shirts that are easy to wear and work in.


  • Nomex Fire Retardant Clothing

Nomex coveralls are very famous for their efficiency. They are versatile and come in varied thicknesses. You can wear these if you are working in any of the professions aforementioned. Nomex IIIA is the most preferred.

  • Excel

These clothes are made from cotton but are treated with phosphonium salt that makes them very safe.

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If you are looking for cheap fire retardant clothing, you could either go for online shopping where numerous discounts and deals are available or you could choose to buy used fire retardant clothing. Make sure you buy only from reliable brands in order to be safe.