The article below will tackle important reminders on how to keep your shears in top shape. Shears are used for metal fabrication. They are power tools that have numerous applications in various fields. Depending on the purpose, there are various different types of metal shear to choose from. From hand held tools to foot operated shears to even metal fabrication on a large scale, the shear is used for various things today. Gone are the days when the saw was the most used and preferred. Because of the safety, the ease of usage, the rapidity and other factors, the shear has taken over the saw.

However, if you want your shear to be faithful to you for a long time, you should know how to keep your shears in top shape. Using them ruthlessly can damage them and cause you a lot of difficulty. Moreover, damaged shears will not work well and prolong the time that is taken to fabricate metals. Your job will thus be slower and frustrating. Being aware of how to keep your shears in top shape will thus come handy at all times and will help you finish your work quickly.

recommended ways to keep the shears in shape

Useful Tips

Here are some important points on how to keep your shears in top shape:

  • Usage

You should know how to use your machine. Only when you thoroughly understand the working mechanism of a shear will you be able to use it efficiently. Different shears have different limitations regarding the width and thickness that they can cut through. You should be aware of the limitations of your shear before putting it to use. If not, you will end up damaging your shear.

  • Lubrication

You should learn about the lubrication too. Over lubricating or using the wrong fluids can cause additional damage. The OEM will specify the requirements and you must carry on accordingly.

  • Inspection

A regular inspection of your shear is very important. The shear’s working, its bearings, and other parts must be examined and check for wear and tear.

  • Setting The Blade

You should know how to set the blade properly. This is very important if you want your shear and the blade to have a long life. The cut quality is also majorly affected by the way you set the blade. Hence, you must be careful. The clearance must never be too tight because it will lead to improper cutting. The metal will be stuck in the machine. If there is no clearance, the blades will simply break. If the clearance is on the loose side, the cutting will be a failure. Hence, you should be very careful.

  • Repairs

Repairs must be done immediately. You should never work with a damaged machine. Even if the damage seems small, you should have it repaired immediately to avoid any and all risks of further damage.

best advice in keeping metal shear in shape

These are the main points to keep in mind. Learning how to keep your shears in top shape is of primary importance because inadequate maintenance and improper usage can do only harm. Awareness is the key.