When deciding to install suspension lift kits, several factors are good to keep in mind. Factors include adaptability, price as well as the desire for sporting favorable details. Whether you are installing a lift kit due to your location, for work, for recreational purposes, or merely to optimize your vehicle’s suspension for performance, it is an ideal way to meet the needs of sport utility truck lovers like you.

chevy suspension lift kits

Common Uses Of Kits

When choosing the lift kit that’s right for you, adaptability is significant. All vehicles are not the same. Different makes and models make it vital to know a little about what suspension lift kits are appropriate for your automobile. Most important is the reason you’re adapting a kit to lift your suspension.

There are basically two reasons that someone would install a lift kit on their vehicle – function and style.

  • Getting The Desired Look – Lift kits make your vehicle taller and make room for larger tires which really looks really good on the road.
  • Better Suspension – Lift kits are actually designed so that you can more appropriately handle off-road terrain. When crawling over boulders or keeping your nose out of the mud, a higher lift will keep you from “bottoming out.”

Better Safe Than Sorry

There are certain things you should understand before you start your search for suspension lift kits.

  • Center Of Gravity – First, with lift kits you are higher off the ground and this changes your center of gravity. You compromise your ability to control your vehicle – on-road handling is lessened by the installation of the kit. However, off-roading and lift kit appropriate terrains become more manageable and exciting to manipulate.
  • Heavy Top – Because you are so high off the ground, the truck becomes top-heavy and harder to manage. This makes for difficult cornering and braking. Also, it is a serious concern that you remember to upgrade your caliper and rotor system to match the setup or it there is a bigger possibility that your brakes will not work.
  • Compatibility – Make sure your vehicle make and model, as well as torque restrictions are compatible with your suspension lift kit. Many makes and models offer lift kits from stock, and you can also order Rough Country Lifts for specific truck brands. Incompatible parts can damage your vehicle and possibly endanger lives.

5-inch GM suspension lift kit

If you are not a professional mechanic, it is a good idea to consult a professional when trying to add suspension lift kits to your truck. Remember that every modification makes a difference in the way your truck is built. Take note also to make any necessary adjustments to affected areas of operation.

Finally, check your local authorities and make sure that there aren’t any law restrictions on your lift kits. In certain areas, you may not be allowed to have certain heights or you may exceed local weight limits with a lift. Otherwise, enjoy yourself!