A great manicure is a work of art, but how do you make it last? The main challenge of a manicure is on how to prevent nail polish from chipping. Your beautiful nails won’t look nearly as pretty with chunks of color missing. Besides the quality of nail polish you use, there are several things you can do to make sure that your manicure lasts.

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Useful Tips

  • Clean Thoroughly. Always start with nails that are clean and dry. Remove old polish completely, wash your hands and use a nail brush to remove any dirt, oils and debris which may cause problems with your nail polish coverage.
  • Use Good Undercoat. To prevent nail polish from chipping, start with a great undercoat. This not only protects your nails from dark and metallic nail polish that could stain them and cause some damage, it also gives the polish a smooth and ready surface to adhere to. The under coat is very important when it comes to uniform color coverage and smoothness and even helps prevent air bubbles which can cause chipping.
  • Choose Good Nail Polishes. Choosing a high quality nail polish which isn’t old and clumpy is also important. Old polish or polish that has begun to dry and get clumpy is quick to chip. Some people keep their nail polish in the refrigerator and employ a 5-10 minute shaking process to blend and smooth the polish before applying it. Some say this prevents air bubbles, clumps and uneven application.
  • Dry It Completely. Allow your undercoat and polish to dry completely before applying the next coat of color. The best way on how to prevent nail polish from chipping involves making sure that you have no damp layers where air bubbles, or uneven coverage can occur. Make sure you give each coat time to dry completely before applying more.
  • Be Careful With Nail Art. Nail art should be applied carefully to the top layer of color before adding a sealing top coat. It’s important to understand that if you have applied nail art such as decals or jewels that you are more likely to see chipping than with a simple color application. The top coat helps seal these items to the polish, but can sometimes allow air to be trapped around the nail art which can lead to bubbling and chipping.

best way to keep nail polish from chipping

Manicures can be a work or art, or they can be a simple way of adding color and glamour to your hands, take the time to learn on how to prevent nail polish from chipping before you begin painting your nails. You can have a great manicure that last for up to two weeks with no chipping, bubbling or peeling.